The composition on the theme “Bird Cherry”

There are trees that we admire all the time. And there are plants that strike with their beauty at some point in their life. This is bird cherry.
Do we always notice it? In ordinary life, she is modest, invisible, unpretentious.

But here comes her finest hour: the time of flowering. No one can pass indifferently past this beauty. Even when you do not see it, you know that it is somewhere nearby. By the smell. It pours and penetrates everywhere, admiring, exciting, awakening the desire to love and be loved.

White flowers – a symbol of purity and innocence – I want to give my beloved girl and tell her cherished words.
A romantic spirit is picked up by the wind. He raises in your heart the desire for speed of movement, change of destiny. As soon as the bird cherry blossoms – wait for changes: the violent winds will fly, heat will be replaced by a cold, love will flash or renew.

The turbulent flowering is replaced by a very rapid fall

of the petals. And then the winter drizzle is again circling from yesterday’s holiday. It’s time to wake up from the delusion and feel what’s done.

Passing love passes, the real remains forever. It is about this that is sung in songs about bird cherry. And people blame for the loss of it: because it provoked them to a rash act. But is love considered to be deliberate, especially the first?

So, came the weekdays and people, and bird cherry. It’s time to get to work.
The farmers know: the bird cherry bloom – it’s time to sow wheat. Mistresses – to cover the seedlings from the cold, collect and dry flowers on the medicine.
Yes, yes, this plant is a wonderful healer. And the bark, and leaves, and flowers, and berries of wild cherries – everything is used by man to get rid of the disease.
Flowers will go for infusions and decoctions, which are irreplaceable in the fight against pathogens.
Dishes from berries stop diarrhea, fight with intestinal rods and stomach diseases.
It is useful to make lotions for the eyes, if you have infectious

diseases or you read for a long time, watch TV, work at the computer.
Home cosmetics from bird cherry tinctures with the addition of honey and glycerin will make your skin young, tender, clean from rashes, dermatitis and acne.
Rinses will kill germs that cause stomatitis, toothache.

Treatment of suppurating wounds will lead to their purification and healing.

Bird cherry does not tolerate dirt, pests, disease.
The very air around her is pure grace. It is believed that it is enough to stand in the shadow of this tree, to cure sick organs, to get rid of spiritual misfortunes. People believed that it takes away all the negative energy that ill-wishers have awarded you.
The volatile substances with which it protects itself and others from the misfortune make the air cleaner than in the operating room. It can kill even rodents within a few minutes if placed in a closed jar with leaves or flowers of this plant. What can we say about spider bugs?

In its leaves, flowers, bones of fruits there is a strongest poison – hydrocyanic acid. It is she who fights against those who want to live at someone else’s expense. No wonder the poisonous gas people named her name.

Even dreams about bird cherry are contradictory: if you see her white flowers – prepare for love, a pleasant meeting, return to your favorite places.

Black berries – for unrequited love, bitterness of feelings and even illness.

In real life, strong flowering foreshadows a rainy summer, and an abundant harvest of berries coincides with a rich harvest of rye.

What does bird cherry love?
A little of your attention to her will not hurt. It is unpretentious: it can be planted in the shade and partial shade. She agrees to live behind the house, behind the garage, in any secluded corner of your garden, if only the soil was loose, fertile and moist.

Here is such a contradictory nature that bird cherry.

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The composition on the theme “Bird Cherry”