Description of the garden

The sunny world permeated the green trees that gathered on the mountainside, as if creating a large multi-colored family. Father walked among the trees and before each stopped, as if he met a friend. In this garden were planted trees of different types: pears, cherries, apple trees, plums, oaks, limes, nuts. A tall, very tall poplar, talking with his leaves with a young, flexible willow. “Every landlord,” said the comrade, “cuts grass near the house for our cattle, and our father planted trees all his life, he will plant a cherry tree in the spring, and in the fall he will get a bush of currant.” You see how much he planted. “

Father walked among the trees, touched them with his hands, feeling their warmth, as if they could tell him something.

“Each tree,” the comrade continued to say, “was planted not by the father himself, but with some guest.” This oak was planted with me by my father. “Each tree is a memory

of a man: Father remembers them all. village, we went to the cemetery to the mother, and, going back, we went through the garden, my father walked like a blind man, and near that tree stopped and said: “Son, and with whom did I plant this tree, do not you remember?” I, of course, he did not remember, then he began to remember, to sort out the human names in his head, as if he remembers all the trees, but forgot about it. the same tears appeared on the face. “

After this story, I looked at the garden with different eyes, at different trees in it. They talked to me with the noise of branches, the bark of mighty trunks, the voices of birds. Each tree, as a kind interlocutor, called for my new, surprised, understanding look. I saw my father approaching us, and I thought that he was probably not going between the trees, but between thoughts and memories that he had left for life.

Human memory is a wonderful power. Human memories are very important in our life. The story of the comrade made a great impression on me and forced me to agree with the narrator. After all, it happens in life when you

part with a person or a place that is dear to you, and there are only memories of those bright moments. Things help a person to keep in memory those bright events, remind us of interesting people for us. About them can resemble music, pictures, even, the state of nature can cause many different feelings. Grandpa’s got trees. Memories help a person to live, dream and hope for the best. Memories with their transparent tones and colors fill us with the joy of life, the sense of the unrepeatability of time and its eternities. Before us, as if opening up the space of life, which is beautiful.

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Description of the garden