“Description of nature in the summer” composition

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. Long sunny days are followed by short warm nights. Most often it’s clear weather, and the endless blue sky stretches over your head. Trees are magnificently cleaned in bright green clothes. Under them everywhere the grass grows, dotted with colorful lights of summer flowers – poppies, bells, clover, tansy, chamomile, marigolds… And butterflies flutter over them and hum every goose bump.

Summer adorns gardens and vegetable gardens. They savor juicy cherries, followed by apricots and peaches. Large red strawberry berries tend low to the ground. Gradually, “sunbathing” in the rays of the summer sun, not so long ago green tomatoes. Here and there on the arches tied cucumbers. The chain prickly branches of the blackberry are full of sweet dark purple, almost black berries. And so everywhere – the riot of color, the feast of fertility, a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort.

In summer, a wonderful ringing voice is sung high in the sky or hidden in the branches of a bird’s trees – a maestro-nightingale, a morning lark, a gay chatterbox-sparrow. And towards evening the music of the summer is changing – a choir of crickets enters, which does not stop until morning.

And even the rain in summer – warm and affectionate. Under the tent of low clouds, the air becomes hot. Cool drops of rain wash away the dust from roads and foliage, so that afterwards it will play even more pure emerald shine.

Summer is bright, colorful… June is not like August, and July has something to please the eye. A high clear sky, warm clear water of small rivers, ripe fruit, rich colors around… There is no one who does not love summer!

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“Description of nature in the summer” composition