“Description of the forest” composition

In the summer time, real grace is in the forest. Trees are dressed in a bright green decoration, soft grass spreads on the ground. The air is filled with the smell of grass and sun-warmed wood. And if you find yourself in the woods in the early morning, you can watch the fresh dew drop out onto the grass, as a lot of forest flowers blossom.

Summer is a berry season in the forest. Strawberries, blueberries, chokeberry, forest raspberries and other useful gifts of nature are waiting for someone who is not too lazy and will come to the forest with a basket. The main thing – you need to understand the berries, so as not to put in a basket of inedible. Therefore, it is better to go to the forest with adults and experienced people in summer, as well as for mushrooms in autumn.

Summer in the woods is full of life. On the blades of grass scurrying insects, in the air wild forest bees buzz. In more often you can not get by without getting tangled in a sticky web. These spiders hunt, spreading the path between the bushes and trees. In the forest it is better to put on a shirt and trousers with a long sleeve: not far from the river can bite the bastard, which in summer divorced visibly invisibly.

And on the trunk of the old tree running around the chain of ants, they bring home some microscopic food. In the foliage of the trees chirp birds: thrushes, tits, nightingales, wagtails and others. They have a hot time: they catch insects, feed gluttonous chicks in their nests.

Something behind a bush flashed and disappeared. As if the bush had moved and fled! It is a hare-hare disguised as the colors of a summer forest. And if a peanut husk or caps of acorns fell from a tree on his head, it means that this stocking squirrel prepares a secret meal with food. Although the winter is still far away, all forest residents are already preparing for it in the summer. They make food and pile fat, using summer abundance.

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“Description of the forest” composition