Flowers in the garden of Galinka

There is nothing more beautiful than the flowers that
came to palisades and dwellings.
They came from the depths of time,
To make life more exalted and purer.
S. Krasikov

I live in a multi-storey building, and I do not have a backyard, but there is Galinka, and she has a garden. Do you think Galinka is small? No! Galina Petrovna is an adult, a simple affectionate form of a name has entrenched her since childhood. Now all friends and relatives call her so, because she is kind, sympathetic and, probably, because her life is closely connected with nature, with a wonderful world of flowers. And folk wisdom says: “He who grows flowers brings joy to himself and to people.”

Over the concrete walls of the house May rages. Rather, to the station! We sit in the train, and in 25 minutes we are in Ryzhov. We open the green gate, along the narrow path we hurry to the depth of the garden, to the small house, on the porch which is already standing

Aunt Galinka with open arms: “Come, my dear!” And as if to the words of her words nodded tulips cheerfully, rustle: “Pri-ha-li, pri-ha-li, pri-ha-li…” How many of them are in the flowerbed! Red, pink, red-pink, yellow.

Behind the tulips is a large lilac bush. I go up to him, bend down the fragrant bunch and inhale the intoxicating, bitter-tart smell.

And this beautiful, gently white flower, slender and graceful, is associated with the myth of narcissist Narcissa, who admired his own reflection in the waters of the stream until he disappeared without a trace.

Lilies of the valley grow on a small clearing. Their stems are lined with small white jugs. They emit the subtle scent, which the air is filled with. There are many legends associated with the lily of the valley. One of them is about the sea princess Volkhov, who fell in love with Sadko. But Sadko loves Lubava. The sad Volkhov went ashore and began to cry. There, where tears fell, lilies of the valley grew – a symbol of purity, love and sadness.

There are two flowers in her garden with complex names.

On a high, sturdy leg rose a white flower over wide, wide, light green leaves. In form it is similar to a lily. But this is not a lily, but a host, the leaves have narrow leaves. In a few days, light, like moths, flowers of the catchment area will ripple on thin dense branches. Poured buds are poured in – pink luxurious rivals of roses fill their garden with aroma in early June. And the roses themselves will open later, in July-August. Confidently I recognize one grade – Super Star, a rose of a delicate pink-orange color.

In July, it is time to blossom a marvelous climate. Galinka always thinks up something, fantasizes. A large branch curved over the bush of the climate, the plant was distributed along an arc, a fantastic dark purple arch appeared. Each flower is cut out of velvet. Describe this beauty is impossible, it must be seen!

It is difficult to list all the flowers that appear in this garden during the summer. The dolphinium will also throw up its blue candles, the lights of the portalak will light up from the sun’s rays, gold balls of rudbeckia, white bulldogs will hang at the fence, proud gladioluses, a whole island of pink phlox, will decorate the yellow-brown curb of black-briars, the octaque bush will blossom. The last smile of autumn is asters, the oldest plant, the image of which was found in the royal tomb of two thousand years ago.

We sit on the veranda, we drink a special “corporate” tea, insisted on melissa and rose petals, we think about how the spiritual world of a person is closely connected with flowers: they meet us at birth, we go to school with them, visit friends, celebrate name-days, memorable dates. Communicating with nature, touching the inimitable beauty of colors is necessary for all of us. “To live, you need the sun, freedom and a small flower,” said the great storyteller GH Andersen. I want to live long and long and healthy Galinka and that flowers always blossom in her garden.

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Flowers in the garden of Galinka