Composition on the theme of the garden

Composition on the theme of the garden

How wonderful to have a rest on a hot afternoon in the summer garden! The sun gilds everything around, making its way through the dense green foliage of trees. The branches of the apple tree lean under the weight of red-cheeked fruit. Pour juicy pears.

This garden was planted by my grandfather. He marked the territory, brought seedlings, made “vaccinations”, watered young trees and gladly took off the first harvest. The garden is quite extensive, it is planted and decorative bushes, beautiful flower beds with flowers are broken. In the garden there is a small wooden gazebo with carved windows.

Of course, there is an old lime tree in the garden, from where it came from. Probably, she grew up here even before planting a garden, she did not cut it. And rightly, because

you can collect a lime flower for tea. And the tree inspires respect – high, powerful and unbending no thunderstorm. Under the linden, as in the magazine pictures, there is a rocking chair. It’s nice to sit in silence and tranquility, read a book, look through Internet pages on a tablet, listen to music in the player, lean back in the chair.

Breaking away from modern technology, we take a bowl and go collect raspberries. It is bright, juicy and large – just a sight. Such an excellent harvest was due to the fact that my grandfather wrote various magazines on gardening, he studied articles on the best varieties of berries and fruits, on the proper care of plants.

The green grass under your feet is warmed by the summer sun – just take off your shoes and stand on it barefoot. Very pleasant feeling, it’s true. Something useful is to walk barefoot on the soft grass.

A thin cherry lurked in the corner of the garden, near the carved wooden fence that separates the site from the neighbor. She has beautiful, neat little leaves. Bright red cherries from the tree are already collected, because they were the first fruits this season. On them, as they say, all of whom did not lazy and fell for a couple of days. Only in some places there are green, still not dried tails from the old cherries. On the bark of the tree the wood glue freezes, which is willing to try on the tooth again and again.

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Composition on the theme of the garden