Composition “Our Home”

I live with my parents. It would be dishonest to describe my house, since I do not yet have it, but there is our house. Our grandmother and my younger sister still live with us. We live in a private house. He is not very big, but he is not too big. For all of us there is enough space. My grandmother and I have my own rooms, and my sister is very small, so she lives with her parents in the same room. There is still a big hall, where we often receive guests.

I really like our house. It is cozy and spacious. There is a lot of light and heat in it. We always decorate it for the holidays. My house is fun and filled with childish laughter. On one side of the house is a garden. There are growing apples and pears. And on the other side of my mother’s bed. With the onset of spring, all the flowers bloom with different colors and smell. That’s very beautiful. The yard is cemented. But I want that when I have my own house, then the grass grows in the yard and you can run barefoot

in the warm summer. Outside, our house is tiled. So he looks even more colorful and more cheerful.

But all the same, I often dream of my home. How it will be. What will be around. I really want it to have the upper room with the roof itself. I’ve always dreamed of this, but I do not. So I want a room for my child. The ceiling in it will be like the sky – blue with white clouds, and at night the stars will shine. Steps in the house will be wooden, and the ceilings are white with a lot of light bulbs along the entire perimeter. Also it will have large-large windows to make the house very light. Immediately at the entrance to the house is a living room with a huge table to accommodate all the relatives. The kitchen will be spacious and as if divided by a bar-rack into two parts: a working area and for eating. Around the house there is green grass, different flowers and lots of trees. Also a mandatory attribute in the yard will be a swing. This is the house of my dreams.

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Composition “Our Home”