Composition on the theme “Park”

Our city park is small, but very beautiful. At the entrance there are large flower beds of different forms, from early spring until late autumn they are covered with a bright floral carpet. Especially beautiful this carpet now, in the summer: here and white, and red, and yellow, and blue flowers. It is worth fading one, as soon as others blossom.

When you go further along the park paths, surrounded by neat bushes, you fall under the shadow of perennial trees. It’s always a bit cooler than in the city, and it’s easier to breathe, especially after the rain. The foliage of the trees is bright, juicy, it looks very beautiful against the background of a clear blue sky. Raise your head to the sun – you’ll stop!

In the back of the park there is a small pond. The landscape there is different: there are already no neat clubs and bushes, cut on a ticker, the terrain is more like a forest corner, and this has its own charm. Reeds grow on the shore of the pond,

water lilies are swimming in the water. Sometimes wild ducks fly to the water, and then a lot of people gather on the shore, everyone wants to treat the feathered inhabitants of the reservoir with bread.

Every day a lot of people come to the park: children with parents, teenagers, and elderly people. Everyone can find an occupation for themselves here, especially in the summer, when there are especially many opportunities for recreation. Those who like to spend time actively, go for a drive on park paths on bicycles, rollers and scooters, are engaged on street horizontal bars, play badminton, tennis and other games.

There are many here and those who rest easy. In summer, on the benches under the sprawling trees, there is no free space, people also sit on the shore of the pond or simply on the grass. Read books, play games, sunbathe and enjoy fresh air. Many at the same time photographed, against the background of flowers and greenery of the photos are bright, juicy, summer-joyful.

In addition, in the summer in the park are various holidays. In these days the park is changing even more: balloons, scenes, fairgrounds with sweets, funny attractions, when twilight is gathering, multicolored flashlights are lit. Late in the evening the life is boiling in the park, and I do not want to leave.

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Composition on the theme “Park”