The Importance of Literature in Human Life

The role of literature in human life, indeed, is enormous, it is difficult to overestimate. Books can make a person educated, but they will not do anything stronger or wiser. In this I find it difficult to agree with the author. Only life and active participation in its events can give real life experience. Therefore, you can not limit your existence to a book and a strange, invented life. The book creates the illusion of completeness of life, but this is only an illusion. It is necessary to draw valuable knowledge from books and use them in real life situations.

Literature plays a leading role in shaping the aesthetic views of every person. Classical works. who have stood the test of time, can really develop a sense of beauty in a person, they will help in understanding life and its complexities.

Likhachev is undoubtedly right that only thoughtful reading can yield rich fruits. After all, every word in a work is as important as every brushstroke in the artist’s painting.

Wrongly understood, it is capable of destroying everything for which it was created.

The world of Dante’s heroes is whimsical and diverse. Reading the “Divine Comedy”, as if touching history. It creates a feeling that you turn over the fragile, half-decayed pages of the ancient manuscript. This breath of antiquity so fascinating, because, to think only for a moment by the power of your own imagination and thanks to the genius of Dante, you can get into medieval Italy. It is incomparable with this magical feeling of immersion in another world, a touch to which is possible only through the book of a truly great poet.

What is the true meaning of Dante for world culture? Is it only because he accurately recreated the realities of his era? The great Florentine managed to capture the features not only of a medieval man, but of a man in general. After all, every artist aspires to depict the general in private, and in the signs of time to reflect the eternal. In the heroes of the “Divine Comedy” we recognize ourselves, it is in this enduring significance of Dante’s works for world culture.

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The Importance of Literature in Human Life