The International Importance of the Russian Language

Mini-compositions on the Russian language and literature

The Russian language is the national language, the language of science and culture. Famous poets and writers: Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy, Chekhov and others created the Russian language, developed it and multiplied its merits, thanks to them we got the language we speak now, they made it clear and clear for everyone.

Famous philologists: Vinogradov, Shcherba, brought the Russian language to the subtleties, engaged in grammar and syntax. They explored it and created dictionaries.

Alexei Tolstoy once said that the time will come, and the Russian language will be studied in different countries, it will become a world-wide, widely used, which will be used by different peoples on other continents. So it is, now Russian is one of the most popular languages. Russian is one of the five most common international languages ​​spoken by over 300 million people worldwide.

This language is rich in synonyms, with the help of it you can express absolutely any thought, our language is one of the most beautiful and complex. To date, the Russian language is used at forums of international organizations, studied in foreign schools, used on the Internet and television, conducts international conferences on various topics. The works of Russian literature are studied in many large countries, in universally known universities.

Many Russian words were borrowed by other languages. The reason for the popularity of the Russian language in the world: first, the richness of language and vocabulary, secondly, its poetry and ease, thirdly, works of fiction and this is one of the related Slavic languages, people can communicate on it and feel free.

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The International Importance of the Russian Language