Theme of love in literature

Love is considered the most beautiful feeling that people experience. What is this bright word, and why do we see it so often in various literary works? Why is love so praised by poets and writers?

I think that a person can not feel happy without love. Throughout life we ​​experience this feeling in relation to parents, friends, then to our children – we all love differently, but we mean it in one word. Whatever it was, love can not exist without understanding, respect, willingness to come to the rescue in a difficult moment, to protect and do everything for the sake of a loved one.

Love is a feat, a sacrifice, a peculiar peak of a person’s spiritual development. One of the facets of this feeling – love between a man and a woman – we see in the works of many writers and poets, artists and composers, in theatrical productions and in filmmakers. Love is an eternal inexhaustible source of inspiration. A vivid example of such boundless love is the

well-known story of Romeo and Juliet. The heroes of the work by force of feeling overcame hatred, enmity, and even death.

In the works of Russian literature there are also many works containing the author’s hymn of eternal love. As an example, we can consider the well-known pathos of Pushkin’s poem “I loved you…”, in which we see a light sadness about eternal love and a profound impossibility of happiness with the beloved. The hero of the poem is noble and unselfish, he believes that love has not yet died out, but at the same time renounces happiness only for the sake of the well-being of a beloved woman.

In the famous novel by MA Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita” the main heroine for the sake of love sells her soul to the devil, who as a result helps her to take revenge on the offenders of her beloved. Previously, Margarita abandoned everything for the sake of happiness in her understanding of life with the Master.

Love can not be deciphered, it does not have an exact definition. Love is, perhaps, the most complex, mysterious and paradoxical reality with which at least once in life every person encounters. This feeling can not be calculated or calculated, it does not lend itself to any calculations. Love just is in our lives and without it life itself is impossible.

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Theme of love in literature