What is the role of childhood in human life?

Reflection on the role of childhood in the formation of people V. Shefner begins with a story about his conversation with a famous artist. The author asked her why on the icons of children such grown-up persons and heard in response that “the painters of the past saw in the baby primarily a person, for the main thing in every kid is not that he is a child but that he is a human child” . These words prompted Shefner to reflect on the fact that “childhood is a time of very intense study, it’s time to master and assimilate being.” In childhood it is very interesting and very difficult to live. “

“Everyone is a whole world,” Shefner believes, “and the foundation of this world is laid by a person very early,” as a child.

It is difficult not to agree with the author. It’s not for nothing that they say that childhood is like the soil into which seeds fall. They are tiny, they are not visible, but they are. Then

the seeds begin to germinate. Biography of the human soul, the human heart – is the germination of seeds, their development in strong, large plants. Some become bright colors, others – grain ears, and others – evil thistles. Let’s recall the vivid examples from Russian classics.

So, one of the heroes of Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace”, a young Petya Rostov, inherited all the best.

The features of the “Rostov breed”: kindness, open-heartedness, the desire to help a person at any moment, during a time of severe trials can not stay at home. Despite the prohibitions and persuasions of his father and mother, Peter achieved his: he was sent to the army. And there he shows his best qualities, vaccinated since childhood. Let us recall how Petya took pity on the French captive drummer, how he generously treated his elder comrades with sweets, how bravely and recklessly he rushed his horse to the very heat of battle.

Cloudless was the childhood hero of the novel by FM Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment Rodion Raskolnikov. A kind and sympathetic boy

could not tolerate injustice. This we learn from his dream of a poor horse, which scores in front of a dozen people drunk Mikolka. Adults are afraid to fall under the arm of a brutal man, and a small Rodya, loudly crying and screaming, punches the owner of the horse with his fists. This childhood memory pops up in his sick mind a few days before the murder of the old woman and, it would seem, stops him, pushes him to renounce his plan. But, alas!

Thus, I can conclude that, of course, the role of childhood is great for each of us. It is at this time that a person’s personality is being formed. And what will grow out of a child, a beautiful flower or weed grass, depends on how this childhood will be.

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What is the role of childhood in human life?