The work “The influence of literature on man”

A huge world opens before us from the pages of books. Books have surrounded us since childhood. Together with literary heroes, we rejoice, grieve, travel, try to solve various problems. It is believed that people who love to read are happy people. Perhaps, because next to them there are always clever and faithful friends – their favorite books. After all, to them, as friends, you get used to it, consult, you do not want to part.

Those who claim that love for the book should be taught from childhood are right. It is then that books can influence the formation of a person’s world outlook, on his spiritual development. Since childhood, my favorite poet was Pushkin. Pushkin can be called a writer for everyone and for everyone. His works are designed for any age.

M. Tsvetaeva believed that each of us had his own Pushkin. In my life A. Pushkin came along with the kind, instructive, slightly sad tales that make up the golden fund of children’s classics. Without

these tales, I can not imagine not only Russian, but also world literature.

They say that there is no dispute about tastes: everyone reads what they like. Children grow up, grow up, their tastes and interests change. They want other “fairy tales” – more realistic, more truthful. But in adolescence, people often make mistakes and, captivated by brilliance, can not distinguish false gold from the present. They literally attack the base detective, adventure, romance novels with an awkward, confusing plot. But then, when saturation comes, interest in reading can disappear. And it happens that you want something pure, bright.

Perhaps, it is at this moment that we must again turn to Pushkin. After all, he wrote about the eternal: about love and friendship, about the beauty of nature and freedom of the human spirit, about that which excites every person. My Pushkin. Who is he to me? A great poet, known to the whole world, or something more? Of course, he is not just a poet. He is a man who absorbed a part of the universe in the form of a star of inspiration and brought this star to me through

his poems. He showed me the world in all its beauty. Reading the lyrical works of A. Pushkin, you feel the depth and fullness of emotions, poured by the poet on dead paper, you feel closeness to Pushkin, to your Pushkin, who addresses us through the centuries: “Let’s forgive the fever of young years and the youthful fever and young delirium.”

You can not live without a book. Sometimes, when reading a book, it seems that she is alive and talking with us. The book has a mind, a heart. She teaches us to distinguish good from evil, friend from enemy, makes us worry, fight and hope. But now the word “computer” is more popular than the word “book”. With the advent of computers it became possible to use them in the most diverse areas of human activity.

Why go to the library or look for the right book, if you can find the text of the work on the Internet or, in extreme cases, listen to an audiobook? But if you like to read, then it is the book in hard or soft binding that will give you real pleasure, because it is “alive”. You can hold it, look through it, leave your notes, bookmarks.

Books will accompany us all life. They force us to cultivate, develop a sense of beauty, teach us to live, expand our horizons, raise our spirits, answer eternal questions about the meaning of life, and often help us to find a way out of a difficult situation. Books should always be with a person, especially when he needs support, because, as Cicero believed, “books are used for youth, old age is entertained, happiness is adorned, and refuge and comfort are provided in unhappiness.”

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The work “The influence of literature on man”