Faith – the path to salvation

“Divine Comedy” – the main work of Dante, brought him immortality. Dante called his poem “comedy”, because mournful at the beginning, it ends with a joyous ending.

In the time when Dante lived, wars were going on in Italy. Although Dante was a believer, he lost faith in kindness and nobility during these wars. This was facilitated by his expulsion from his native city of Florence, and the fact that his wife and children did not follow him. Wandering around Italy, he wrote various treatises. But in 1307 Dante wrote his main work – “The Divine Comedy.”

There are three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. The author becomes the central hero. He travels in the realms of the next world. The Roman poet Virgil is a symbol of reason, Dante’s guide to the circles of Hell and Purgatory. Traveling in Hell, where traitors are tormented, sinners, murderers and other evil spirits, the poet does not avoid contact with sinners, sympathizing

with many of them. An important role in the image of the other world is played by images and comparisons taken from everyday life: Dante’s friends and enemies in the political struggle, mythological heroes, historical figures.

In the introduction Dante shows the confusion of a man lost in an impassable forest: confusion leads to weakness, creates the danger of being conquered by prophets who, like animals, pursue the lonely. A man is saved by reliance on art and love. At the same time, Dante realizes soberly that the height of the spirit does not relieve suffering, that is, we see that only love and fellowship with art can instill faith in a person and save him, “pull him out of loneliness.”

In his youth, Dante loved a girl named Beatrice. She died early, at 24, but in Dante’s memory she remained forever. For him, Beatrice is an ideal, an image that connects earthly life with the higher secrets of the universe. But Dante’s creativity was influenced, in addition to the love of Beatrice, by love and by the Motherland. Native Italy, her life is constantly present in the poem.


and naive solemnity of speech, sternness and tenderness for Dante were not only poetic music of the poem, but also an expression of its meaning. The cruelty of life and the meanness of the vices that draw man into the circles of Hell do not make Dante give up his belief in man, the warmth of his heart, his compassion. The idea of ​​the unity of people, their mutual love – the basis of the poem. In the “Divine Comedy”, Dante asks Italy, namely those who live in it, to unite. He still believes that a person is able to improve. Therefore, he comes from Hell, where people are low and mean, to Paradise, where all the inhabitants of this sphere are pure and there is kindness, love.

To save Italy from low and vile people can only its union. And if people believe in something, it will come true. Therefore, faith is the path to salvation, that is, to exit from a difficult or critical situation. And so this belief “makes” people live among all the bad, but hope for the best.

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Faith – the path to salvation