Images in the literature What is the image

Any phenomenon that has been creatively recreated by the author in the subject of art can be called an artistic image. If we mean a literary image, then this phenomenon is reflected in the work of art. The peculiarity of imagery is that it not only reflects reality, but also generalizes it, while revealing something individual and definite.

The artistic image not only comprehends reality, but also creates another world, fictional and transformed. Artistic fiction in this case is necessary to strengthen the generalized meaning of the image. You can not talk about the image in literature, only as an image of a person.

Bright examples here are the image of Andrei Bolkonsky, Raskolnikov, Tatyana Larina and Eugene Onegin. In this case, the artistic image is a single picture of human life, the center of which is the person’s personality, and the main elements are all events and circumstances of his existence. When a hero enters into relations with other heroes, a variety

of images arises.

The nature of the artistic image, regardless of its purpose and scope, is multifaceted and unique. The image can be called an entire inner world, full of many processes and faces, which fell into the focus of knowledge. It is the basis of any kind of creativity, the basis of any cognition and imagination.

The nature of the image is really vast – it can be rational and sensual, it can be based on personal experiences of a person, on his imagination, and maybe factographic. And the main purpose of the image is a reflection of life. Whichever person it seems, and whatever it is, a person always perceives its content through a system of images.

This is the main component of any creative process, because the author simultaneously answers many questions of being and creates new, higher and important ones for him. Therefore, they speak of the image as a reflection of life, because it includes the characteristic and the typical, the general and the individual, the objective and the subjective.

The artistic image is the soil from which any kind of art grows, including literature.

At the same time, it remains a complicated and sometimes incomprehensible phenomenon, because the artistic image in a literary work can be unfinished, presented to the reader only as an outline – and at the same time fulfill its purpose and remain integral, as a reflection of a certain phenomenon.

Relationship of the artistic image with the development of the literary process

Literature, as a cultural phenomenon, has existed for a very long time. And it is quite obvious that its main components have not changed yet. This refers to the artistic image.

But life itself changes, literature is constantly transformed and transformed, as well as its cross-cutting images. After all, the artistic image bears a reflection of reality, and the system of images for the literary process is constantly changing.

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Images in the literature What is the image