Composition on the subject of literature

The role of Russian literature is very difficult to overestimate. This role is multifaceted, like the literature itself. Gorky wrote: “Our literature is our pride.”

“The Pinnacle of World Humanism” is called Russian literature. Classical Russian literature is a model for many people. The same Maxim Gorky wrote: “Giant Pushkin is our greatest pride and the most complete expression of the spiritual forces of Russia, and merciless to himself and the people Gogol, yearning for Lermontov, sad Turgenev, angry Nekrasov, great rebel Tolstoy, …. Dostoevsky, magician language Ostrovsky – not similar to each other, as it may be in Russia, “and we add that they are our prophets, teachers, the conscience of the nation.

To their creativity, to the creativity of other Russian writers, a person turns his whole life: he seeks answers to questions that worry the soul, comprehends the science of the relationship between people, the sexes, learns

to live.

Great writers-psychologists are F. Dostoyevsky, L. Tolstoy, A. Chekhov. On the example of their literary heroes, we understand what is good and evil, which helps a person to develop and move on. We understand what is the temptation, which leads to a moral fall of man. Reading their works, we learn to make the right choice in life, to understand people and in ourselves, to objectively assess the world around us.

About Turgenev Belinsky wrote that he is a writer, in whose soul “all grief and questions of the Russian people.” And, according to the same Belinsky, this writer has the ability to portray paintings of Russian nature. The landscapes described by him bring up love for the Motherland, a sense of patriotism. Socially-psychological novels of Turgenev reveal the subtle soul of a Russian woman.

Speaking of Russian literature, one can not help recalling Russian poetry, because the work of many Russian poets is famous throughout the world.

Pushkin… Who does not like his work? Children love his tales, for the first time a girl in love wiping tears reads the poet’s

love poetry, and lovers of contemplating Russian landscapes by heart quote some or other of his poems. At them, the truth, accuracy in selection of words and consequently in its creativity we find ourselves. Reading his works, we believe him, we become better, we correct our mistakes, we learn to love.

And how not to recall the work of Fet, Tyutchev? They are poets, artists of Russian nature. Their work plays a big role in aesthetic education of a person. They awaken in him observation, attentiveness, a sense of love for nature. “I love the storm in early May, When the spring, the first thunder, As if frolicking and playing, Rumbles in the sky in blue,” Tyutchev wrote simply, but it is better not to say. You not only hear, but you see thunderous thunder and even smell the first spring thunderstorm. Or “There is an initial in autumn, a short, but a marvelous time – the whole day is as if crystal, And the evening is radiant.” – Well, it’s more accurate to say about the warm period of autumn, “female summer”.

Let’s remember Nekrasov’s work. His understanding of the simple Russian soul, the soul of a Russian woman, is incomparable. The lines of his works are imbued with anxiety about the fate of the Russian people, awaken in us a feeling of compassion.

All Russian literature teaches to be a man. Man – Personality! Russian literature is our priceless asset, it is a textbook of life, which our parents studied, we learn.

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Composition on the subject of literature