“What is literature for?”

The eternal truth, which says that a person ceases to think, when he stops reading, in my opinion, is relevant in our dynamic and troubled XXI century.

Of course, this applies, first of all, to the real classical literature, checked if not for centuries, then for at least decades. And not widely advertised “chtiva”, which the language can not be called a book.
There is no doubt that the present century requires intellectually developed, literate people. Moreover, acquired knowledge and information should not just be a set of specific information. It must be comprehended, analyzed. I want to turn again to a wise idea, drawn, by the way, from classical literature. It says that in order to become a literate person, you only need to read a few books. But to find them, you should read hundreds of others.

The conclusion is the first: you need to read to be able to think.
Literature is a source of historical information that is presented to the reader

vividly and interestingly. Thanks to the writer’s talent, the reader literally plunges into the epoch described. There are everyday details, clothes, interior, customs and traditions. A bit of fantasy – and a person turns out, for example, in a medieval knight tournament, together with the noble Ivanhoe V. Scott or at a ball of the nineteenth century with the heroes of the works of Russian classics. Of course, we can say that in modern movies and computer games, you can see it with your own eyes, not particularly straining. Feel the difference. There everything is served beautifully, but in the finished form. The book forces the imagination of a person to work, transferring it by the power of a word to a particular epoch.

The second conclusion: you need to read to know more and develop imagination, imagery of thinking.
Literature is his Majesty the Word, aesthetic, diverse and beautiful. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, verbal degradation is very noticeable. This, from my point of view, is directly related to reading, or rather reluctance to read classical works. The language of the classics

is juicy, bright, saturated with images, and most importantly it is the true literary language that every cultural person should possess. With constant reading, vocabulary is enriched. Proverbs, sayings, winged expressions, verbal images saturate speech, making it truly beautiful and rich.

The third conclusion: you need to read to enrich your oral and written speech.
Reasoning is not just about the benefits, but about the need to read the true literature in the present century, you can continue. But even what is said proves: “Literature in the 21st century is necessary!”

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“What is literature for?”