Art in human life

Art was born with homo sapiens. A reasonable person became, when he began to create, to create. First, the items needed for housing, hunting, farming. But it is not enough for an intelligent person to be full and live in warmth. That’s when the creativity that the soul demanded was born. And this is already art.

First of all, I think, the soul expressed itself in singing, in games, in drawings. Gradually, new types of art developed. Man no longer thought of himself without a poetic word, theater, painting. At the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century, cinema appeared, which, having absorbed many types of art, became an independent and most popular kind of it.

Today man can no longer imagine life without a novel read, without a new film, without a premiere at the theater, without a fashionable hit and favorite musical group, without art exhibitions… In art, people find new knowledge and answers to vital questions, and tranquility from everyday

vanity, and pleasure. A real work of art is always in tune with the thoughts and thoughts of readers, viewers, listeners. A novel can tell of a distant historical epoch, of people, quite, it seems, of a different image and style of life, but the feelings that people have experienced at all times are understandable to the current reader, are consonant with him if the novel is written by a real master.

Let Romeo and Juliet lived in distant Verona in very old times. Let friends from the “Three Companions” are not my compatriots. Not the time and the place of action determines my perception of great love and true friendship, described by the brilliant Shakespeare and Remarque.

Pictures, music, theater, books, films deliver to a person incomparable joy and pleasure, compel him to empathize. Remove this all from the life of a civilized person, and it will turn if not into an animal, then into a robot or a zombie. Mankind has accumulated huge wealth in the field of art. They are inexhaustible. It is impossible to visit all museums of the world, all symphonies, sonatas, operas are not audible, all masterpieces

of architecture are not reviewed, all novels, poems, verses can not be re-read. Yes, and to nothing. All-knowing people turn out to be superficial people.

From all variety, a person chooses for the soul what is closest to him, which gives food to his mind and feelings. That is why in informal questionnaires there is always a question about your favorite book, about your favorite composer, etc. In the field of art, the criterion “love – do not love”, “like – dislike” corresponds to how much the master’s work is consonant with our attitude, what strings in it hurt our soul.

My favorite writer is MA Bulgakov. Of his works, I like most, read and reread “Masters and Margarita”, “White Guard” and “Running.” Accordingly, the favorite films are “Days of Turbines” and “Running”. Events in them are real, heroes are sincere in their thoughts and feelings, artistic merits are great. But the main thing is the idea underlying these works: pain and anxiety for the fate of the motherland, a desire to help the country in difficult times with its actions.

I also have a favorite picture – “Above the Eternal Peace” by I. Levitan. It calms my worries and anxieties always. I keep a reproduction under the glass of the desk. And I love modern music. I admit honestly: my soul has not yet grown to the classics.

Everyone, if he has spiritual needs, finds his own novel, his music. Throughout life, my favorite works, I think, can change each other, but their ennobling influence on a person remains unchanged.

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Art in human life