Human life values

How to determine your main life values?

Many confuse life values ​​with human qualities or even material things. However, honesty, fidelity, mutual assistance are not independent values, but the bricks of the other are spiritual development. Tasty food and a beautiful house are the result of a common prosperity, but not a vital value in itself. Often, people substitute true life values ​​with false ones, for example, instead of love it is driven by attraction, or it considers that the presence of family ties is already a real family. We will talk about what are the main values ​​of life and how to define them for ourselves, in our article.

Life values ​​- what are

One of the most important life priorities for people is the following:

Many people in the first place is the presence of love in life. This means not only a romantic feeling, but also a love for relatives, friends, surrounding people, nature, and yourself. Here, not confusing them

with an independent life value, you can include other important feelings for you, generated by love, for example, compassion and kindness.

From time immemorial, the basic life values ​​of a person can not do without a family. This value includes both caring for parents, and the desire to become a mother or father and to continue their own kind, create a good family, raise worthy children and not meet old age alone.

The next in the most important values ​​of life is physical and mental health, which throughout life each of us must take care of ourselves to maintain beauty, a healthy and athletic body, a sober and clear mind.

This includes everything that you do in order to provide your own and family comfort, to feel yourself a satisfied, happy and useful society – this is your job, as well as other things and projects, for example, your hobby.

If you believe in God and higher powers, you know how important moral choice is, you do not care what rules you live and your children will live, you are a man of high moral principles, then spirituality is one of your main values ​​of


Many, especially among today’s youth, are learning to get a prestigious profession and earn big money, and someone is striving to acquire new knowledge, to become an interesting person, to expand their horizons. For the second category of people, this value will be the first priority.

The desire to not feel need and serious deprivation, to live safely and in comfortable conditions is determined by this vital value.

Coping with everything alone is very difficult. Therefore, most of all appreciate their circle of friends, friends, neighbors and acquaintances, because they are support, help and useful information.

How to determine my life values?

If you can not really feel really happy, you should think: have you put your life priorities right? The doubters should use the following method:

Write out in the column all your life values. You can start with those that are on our list, and then continue with your own. Let this list be as long as you like.

Review all of the items listed again. Are each of them so important to you? Is it possible to do without something? Anything that you are in doubt should be deleted from the list.

If the list is long, re-read it a third time and tighten the selection – as a result, you should not have more than five positions.

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Opposite each of the remaining items, set the ordinal number in ascending order from the most important to the least significant. Make a good comparison of each position, presenting in the head situations from life. For example, when doubting between the “Family” and the “Case”, imagine a situation where you can either spend a long-awaited evening with a child, or stay at work so as not to postpone everything for later – what will be your choice? And do the same with other items.

As a result, you will clearly see a general picture of your own life values. But over time it can change, and it can affect the age, and some turning points, for example, marriage, the birth of a child or a disease.

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!

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Human life values