The Importance of Language in Human Life

The importance of language in the life of man and society, the functions that it carries – this is a very important side of the existence of society. It preserves the spiritual and cultural values ​​of people. Through the language the people express their thoughts, express emotions. The words of outstanding people are quoted and transformed from personal to human, creating the spiritual wealth of society.

Language can be expressed in direct or indirect form. Direct – directly in contact with a person, people in real time, and indirect – is communication with a temporary gap, the so-called space-time communication, where the values ​​of society are passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the spiritual heritage of mankind is formed – the saturation of the inner world of people with ideals.

The role of language in the life of society is truly great. It performs the function of transferring social heredity. With the help of the language,

people can represent the world, describe various processes, receive, store and reproduce information, their thoughts.

Speech is a business card of a person, and also the most reliable recommendation in his professional activity. In the labor sphere, the language began to help in management (give orders, evaluate), and also became an effective motivator.

The meaning of language in the life of society is enormous: with the help of it there is the development of science, art, technology, etc. People speak different languages, but one goal is pursued – the achievement of mutual understanding.

But that society does not degrade, everyone must observe the rules of good tone – the so-called culture of speech. It helps people to communicate correctly and correctly. And here the significant role of language in the life of society is reflected.

There are 3 aspects of the culture of speech: normative, communicative and ethical. The normative includes various rules and norms of human speech: the way people should speak. Communicative is the right interaction with other people – participants

in communication. And ethical is the observance of certain rules: “Where, with whom and how can I talk.”

Over time, the role of language in the life of society is only increasing. More need to be transferred, saved. Also, language has become a kind of science that you need to comprehend. There are certain rules, systems of concepts, signs and symbols, theories and terms. It all complicates the language. Therefore, the “seeds” of the degradation of society are manifested. More and more people want to “scold” and do not give the language proper attention.

Therefore, in recent years there has been an intensified vulgarization of speech practice. The society goes beyond the literary language, more and more people use jargon, blatant expressions, profanity.

This is an actual problem for today, since it is impossible to solve general social, cultural and economic issues without a given speech culture.

There is a criminalization of humanity, which is expressed in speech. The role of language in the life of society is usually underestimated – this is not considered the highest good that we have. But you need to be aware of the following: how a person speaks, so he acts and thinks.

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The Importance of Language in Human Life