Poetry in human life

What are words? Just what helps us understand each other. And what is poetry? This is the element in which we can express our thoughts without fear of condemnation or misunderstanding. When a person visits a muse or comes in inspiration, he can no longer be deterred – energy and strings are beating from within, pulling out the heart and asking for paper.

And so, an enthusiastic person takes in hand any writing instrument and starts to create. In this case, the streams of necessary words fall on the sheets in even columns, emphasizing the rhyme of the end of words for consonance. But not only rhyme is in poetry, there is also life, the human life that surrounds us or which we want to create.

Basically, poetry is a verse. But often this term means everything beautiful that surrounds us, what inspires us to exploits and gives us wisdom. It would be difficult to imagine the work of such great figures of literature as Pushkin, for whom the verse size and rhymed lines served as an expression of their own emotions, the exit of their wild energy of feelings and an unusual perception of reality. And Mayakovsky, for whom poetry has become a “conductor’s” wand in the “orchestra” of the human spirit, calling them to exploits and showing them reality. Ukrainian poets also revered rhymed lines, expressing their thoughts, with hidden meaning, showing people the true faces of those to whom they so blindly and piously believed. This is Shevchenko, and Kotlyarevsky, and many others who, “armed” with a word,

Thanks to poetry, people can express and accept many things that in life give them no peace and take heart. But not everyone is given the power to control a word, as with some tool of labor, only really worthy are capable of rhyming and striking a fire of passion and power of spirit in the souls of people.

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Poetry in human life