What role does music play in human life?

The question is directly a theme for the composition, like “what role does music play in my life”. So I’ll try and answer as an essay.

Music in the life of mankind has played and is playing one of the most important roles. Even primitive people already understood what music was and learned to make musical sounds using hollow reed cannulas or empty tree trunks. So even then the music attracted someone. With the centuries this attraction has only intensified.

You can say that music is fine, and the craving for beauty, to eternal harmony is inherent in man from the very beginning, from nature. But it seems to me that music gives us emotional discharge first of all.

Listening to music a person rests, relaxes, receives a lot of positive experiences. Or, on the contrary, it accumulates aggression if the music is tough. But emotions are our real life. The more emotions a person experiences, the more complete his life he lives.

But also music is

also a way of self-expression. let people do not know how to write music or perform it on notes. All of us are washing in the shower or walking along the road often humming or whistling songs, melodies, sometimes with their own variations – and what is it like not creativity?

Music helps us live – so perhaps briefly you can characterize the meaning of music for a person.

If we talk about life, then first! Music accompanies people all life. The fruit in the mother’s womb hears music, then lullabies, youthful musical hobbies, concerts and parties, where the first kisses, clubs, drill songs in the army, Homeland anthem, hatred of pop / rap power / electronics, evenings in a jazz bar, hike with wife in the opera. a funeral march that no longer hears.

But the question is for some reason with the category “society and politics”. Then it is worth judging from the position of the state. The authorities are comfortable genres of patriotic song and pop. Then, like rock, punk and metal directions are rebellious, and therefore rejected. Jazz and classical music are also not welcome,

since they are intellectual. But it is well cultivated “chanson” – in fact criminal music, the product of a criminal environment.

What is there to add? Appreciate the real music!

Music plays in people’s lives plays a very important role, if not to say that the main thing. Thanks to music, we can express our inner world of man (on a par with other forms of art: literature, painting, dance, etc.) .The peculiarity of music is that it is inherently international. And has direct access to our hearts, minds, and feelings. She does not need any translator.

Listening to music, we perceive something that can not be explained in words. And only with the help of music can this be achieved. understand and do.

Along with other art forms, the music itself proved that it has every right, a place to be, in the life of a person, in the life of our society. For centuries and millennia, music is an integral part of our culture.

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What role does music play in human life?