Music in human life

God has given us music so that we are above all

They got it upward.

F. Nietzsche

Music accompanies a person from the cradle and to the last refuge. And those who believe in the afterlife will also listen to the angelic singing in the next world.

One of the most important places in the culture of the people belongs to the song. This can be said about the culture and mentality of almost every nation, but in the spiritual life of the Ukrainian people the song takes a special place.

Everyone knows that the Ukrainian language is one of the most melodic, singing languages ​​of the world and that in Ukraine has always been loved and able to sing. But why do not Ukrainians love Ukrainian songs? Why do these melodies appeal to everyone who has a living heart in his chest and not a cold stone? About a phenomenon like a Ukrainian song, I want to tell you on the example of my family.

How many I know the generations of my ancestors, they are all Ukrainians.

They say now in our family in Russian, because for a long time everyone lives in the eastern cities of Ukraine and in Russia. Books, newspapers, magazines are read in both languages. There is no difference for us in what language the announcer speaks, there is a film or a play. Usually Ukrainian songs are sung. Not only, of course, but mostly.

Every summer a large family gathers at our dacha. Coming home from Moscow, Kiev, Poltava. Especially the need for a Ukrainian song among Muscovites is great. As if they have a thirst, and this is a sip of cold well water.

And almost every night the songs fly to the sky: “Oi te, dovchino, z goryhha grains”, “Nich yaka misyachna, zoryana, yasnaya”; about Doroshenko and Sagaidachny, who “promiinav zhinku on tyutyun that cradle”; about the old grandfather, who does not let the young wife take a walk; about the girl who begs dear: “Put the hut out of the lobody, but do not lead to someone else’s.” And if in two voices the classical duet “If I’m roused out two” will sing, then always tears will come

to my eyes.

Songs can be an incentive for further spiritual development of a person. Me, for example, when I was not yet able to read, they introduced the verses of our great Kobzar. It was sad to hear about the thoughts that “became on the papier’s side by rows”; it’s scary – about the wind, which “dodo vrebi gree visoki, mountains hvilі pіdіyma.” When I found out that these were songs based on Shevchenko’s poetry, I wanted to read some more of his poetry. The same was with the poetry of the great Russian poet S. Yesenin. First, on family gatherings, I heard about the fallen and frozen maple, about the golden grove that “talked out with a sweet tongue”, about the fact that “everything went like a white apple-tree smoke,” and then reveled in the verses of a singer of Russian nature, taught Yesenin’s poems by heart.

Of course, music in a person’s life is not just songs. This I perfectly understand. Perhaps, someday, understanding of classical and opera music will come to me. I am almost sure of this, because from childhood I have instilled a taste for good music: the Ukrainian song classic. Thanks to this among the modern songs, I will be able to distinguish the present from the incompetent, momentary, soulless. There are beautiful modern songs. They will be included in the cultural heritage of my people. They, along with the folk song classic will shape the culture of the future, will enthrall us skyward.

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Music in human life