Literature in human life

Literature provides a colossal, vast, profound experience of life. It makes a person intelligent, develops in him not only a sense of beauty, but also an understanding of life, all its complexities, serves as a conduit to other ages and to other peoples, reveals the hearts of people before us. In a word, makes a person wise. But all this is given only when you read, delving into all the details.

For the most important thing is often hidden in small things. Such reading is possible only when you read with pleasure, not because it is necessary to read a certain work (according to the school curriculum or the dictates of fashion and vanity), but because you like it – you felt that the author has something to say, there is something with you to share and he knows how to do it.

If the first time I read the work inattentively – read it again. A person should have favorite works, to which he addresses repeatedly, who knows in detail about which he can remind those around him in a suitable situation, and thereby raise his spirits, defuse the situation or make a laugh, just express his attitude to what happened to you or to someone others.

You need to be not just a well-read person, but a qualified reader. And I’m learning how to be.

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Literature in human life