The composition on “Unrequited love”

No matter how strong our feelings and pure impulses, we, nevertheless, can not force another person to love, if in him this feeling does not exist. Then we have to put up with the emotion-spilling emotions and try to forget, to erase the object of passion from memory. Not at all it turns out, that’s why so many suicides or heavy crimes against the background of unrequited love.

For fiction, the theme of unrequited love is one of the most fertile and in demand. Take at least “Eugene Onegin.” The work describes the unrequited love of a young inexperienced girl from the remote area to a burnt ladder man. Tatiana was driven to despair by her feelings and therefore wrote a letter to Yevgeny with a confession. For a girl of that time, it was a real shame, but it did not stop her.

Onegin neglected her love, and also chastised for this act, inflicting a serious injury on the girl. In the end, he also fell in love with her, but it was too late. Tatyana got married. So, in time not having discerned a real feeling, Onegin didomed to the suffering of both of them.

Another example of tragic unrequited love we see in the work “Garnet Bracelet”. This story was even sadder. For many years a simple official was passionately in love with the princess. This love nourished him and made up the meaning of life. He dreamed the object of his adoration and could not even imagine his existence without this feeling.

But his love was, alas, not mutual and hopeless. When he was deprived of the opportunity to write to his princess and was expressly forbidden to show feelings, the hero committed suicide.

Unrequited love brings a lot of pain, but life is not perfect, and if you overcome suffering and do not harden your soul, you will have the opportunity to find real happiness.

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The composition on “Unrequited love”