Poetry of love

Love of all ages is submissive – reads the old proverb, which was said by the great Pushkin in the novel in verse “Eugene Onegin”. It is difficult not to agree with it. Look around you: the world is full of this feeling. We love our parents, relatives, friends, pets. And this I just began to list. Life itself is unusual, but when there is this magic that fills the souls and hearts of others and ourselves, makes us do good, give smiles to random passers-by, then everything becomes beautiful. We do not need war. Let there be only peace, only love. Greater and not necessary.

The poems about love usually reveal the feelings and experiences of people who write them. For example, Sergei Yesenin’s poems about love were no exception. The village poet sings his love for the Motherland, for the girls, for the native birch… For example, in the work “The fire is blue.”

The words in the poem of the love poetry of the famous classical poet tell

us that for the sake of his feelings a person is able to go against his beliefs, against what is dear to him. Here for Yesenin scandals, poetry, taverns, were practically the basis in his life. And all this he could leave for the sake of his beloved. From this we can conclude that it does not matter who you are: a child or an adult, a pensioner or a teenager. Moreover, it does not matter what kind of social position you have! Love is not alien to anyone.

Most of my judgments I do, looking at my grandfather and grandmother. They lived in marriage for 52 years. At me this figure causes admiration, sincere bewilderment: really it is possible?
Apparently, yes. But what is important is not that they are together for so long, but that they love each other so far. Frederic Begbeder said that love lives only three years. And I do not believe in it. It is eternal.
Love in our world is a strong foundation for world art and culture. They write about her, praise her, show on TV. It inspires and upsets, shows that you are indifferent to someone and vice versa. Ambiguous feeling, but without it in any way. So let us be happy as long as this is possible. We recommend to get acquainted with beautiful, best poems about the love of famous, great poets of Russian and foreign poetry classics!

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Poetry of love