All love is a great happiness, even if it is not divided (according to IA Bunin’s story “Dark alleys”)

All love is a great happiness, even if it is not divided. This phrase, like no other, is best suited to the collection of Bunin’s stories “Dark Alleys.”

Bunin had his own, different from other authors, a view of love. No matter how much the heroes of his works either loved each other, no matter how tightly they were tied to each other, the ending was the same – parting or death. Bunin believed that love is like a flash: only it appeared, and suddenly it no longer exists. But that’s it, love, and it’s beautiful. Over time, love is replaced by mere affection, and attachment becomes everyday life. This is deprived of Bunin’s heroes. They experience only a flash and, having enjoyed it, part.

In the story “Dark alleys” this outbreak of love is experienced by Nadezhda and Nikolai Alekseyevich, a simple peasant woman and a gentleman. They can not have a future. They know this, but they do not want to believe it. I think that

Ivan did not really love Hope, because if his love was strong, he would not have abandoned his beloved. Years pass by, the master and Hope meet again. She also loves him and never forgets it, and he calls the story of their love vulgar and ordinary. And again Ivan Alekseevich throws Hope, leaving, he imagines that she could be his wife, the mistress of his house and immediately rejects this idea. He leaves his beloved woman, the one who gave him the “best, truly magical moments” of his life.

Bunin argued that love remains in the heart only when lovers are separated. Losing each other physically, they retain a part of the soul of the loved ones in their heart.

So what is love? There are thousands of answers to this question. Everyone sees in love happiness, joy, the meaning of life. But love is also pain. Love is a black hole, sooner or later pulls in everyone. There is no happiness without grief, there is no love without suffering. A person who can not suffer is not a person, but a soulless machine.

Unrequited love is also a pain, but in this pain there is also happiness. The happiness of that there is such a person, for which you will do everything. By whom you can admire, even from a distance, and experience happiness and joy by simply seeing it.

The theme of love was and will always be relevant, whether it be the past centuries or our time. Love carries within itself happiness, whatever it may be. Love is a bright spot, a dazzling flash in the dullness of everyday life. This is the highest sense and meaning of our existence.

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All love is a great happiness, even if it is not divided (according to IA Bunin’s story “Dark alleys”)