It all starts with love

The theme of love is inexhaustible. Every person throughout life needs love, waits for it, strives. Love can not overcome neither fear, nor greed, nothing. Love is the pursuit of the ideal. When a man falls in love, in his beloved he sees and appreciates something that others do not see and do not appreciate. Also, a person does not notice the shortcomings of his beloved. Inspired by the ideal of love, people write poetry, music, pictures. The ideal of love clears from coarseness, vulgarity, cruelty.

Love is an excellent feeling, one of the main values ​​of life. And where does love begin? Love begins with friendship, mutual understanding, common goals, interests, aspirations. And what then begins with love? With love everything begins: life, work, dream, art, feat. Even feelings such as hatred, jealousy, envy begin with love. Everything begins with love: both illumination, and work, the eyes of flowers, the eyes of a child – everything begins with love. It all begins

with love. With love! I know for sure. Everything, even hatred, is the dear and eternal sister of love.

Everything begins with love: a dream and fear, wine and gunpowder. Tragedy, anguish and deed Everything begins with love. Love is different: a love for the Motherland, for parents, for friends, for art, for a man, for a woman. Love is the source of creativity and beauty. The theme of love is widely covered by contemporary poets such as Akhmatova, Drunina, Simonov, Zabolotsky, Evtushenko, Vysotsky, Rubtsov and many others. In their poems they show all the delights of love. Some authors show unhappy love: suffering, anguish, loneliness, infidelity. Poets who wrote poems about the Great Patriotic War, in parallel led the thread of the theme of love.

The authors of military poetry grasped the very essence of the unfolding war: “Fight goes holy and right, mortal battle not for glory, for life on earth.” Love for poets is the highest manifestation of life, then “for which men will accept death everywhere, – the radiance of women, a girl, a wife, a bride – all that can not yield,

we die, overshadowing ourselves. ” During the war years, many beautiful poems about love were written. One of these poems by K. Simonov is “Wait for me.” The poem is addressed to a woman who says that “all the deaths will be out of spite” the soldier will return if only his beloved woman waits. How I survived, we will know Only we with you, – You just could wait, Like no other.

Not only their loved ones are expected from the war, but also their children. The old one seems: every bush An uneasy daughter is waiting. Deep changes acquire in poetry the image of the motherland, which has become the semantic center of their artistic world among the most diverse poets. In the best poems of the war era, love for the motherland is a deep, compassionate feeling. Poets write about love. One of R. Rozhdestvensky’s “Echo of Love.” This poem speaks of the great power of love, that true love will withstand all trials, whatever happens, lovers will be together. And even in the edge of creeping darkness, beyond the edge of the deadly circle I know, we will not part with you. “Many poems resemble songs.

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It all starts with love