Composition “Love at first sight”

Usually people love each other when there is a spiritual community between them. They have similar views on life, interests and hobbies, they are pleased with each other’s society, they want to enjoy meetings and communication as much as possible. As for love at first sight, it arises to the one who is seen for the first time, and a close person can not be called it.

Love at first sight, of course, is possible, but, in fact, it’s just an attraction. Only romantic nature, including poets and writers, can call him love. You can pay attention to the external attractiveness of a person, but to love it for real, you need to communicate with him, understand what his character, inner world, moral principles. If after this interest does not fade away, then it will be possible to talk about love.

Of course, you can meet a pretty girl on the street or see a nearby table in a cafe, but you can not immediately say that love has come. To begin with, it is worth, at least,

to approach her, talk, create a first impression. Although it is often deceptive. To get to know better, you need to continue to communicate, invite her on a date. But even after 2 or 3 meetings, it may be more about falling in love. Love comes after a much longer acquaintance.

There are several versions of what one person can attract another at a glance. Some say that a person can like someone who sees in him some of their own traits. Others think that in a person they like, they see the features of their parents. A young man might like a girl that looks something like his mother, and a girl looks like a young man like her father. In addition, there is a so-called “theory of tastes”, according to which one or another person likes only a certain type. In any case, it is worth to distinguish sympathy, which arose only due to external attractiveness, from genuine love, based, above all, on the spiritual qualities of a person. Ideally, for love to arise, a person should like both. Although, when you really love, the appearance becomes not so important.

It is very difficult to talk about love at first sight, but it is quite possible to like each other at first sight. And from this first sympathy in the future can grow and love. In such cases, they talk about love at first sight. True, there is always the danger of looking a second time and experiencing disappointment.

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Composition “Love at first sight”