Love is stronger than death

Love. a flash of light and a handful of stellar lights, filling the life of an ordinary person with meaning. Bright as the hot sun. Tender, like a shimmering moonlight. Deep like a bottomless ocean. Great, like the boundless spring sky. And yet, love is more important than life itself, than death. Maybe she is stronger than death? Why?

Love is a force that saves not only man, but all mankind from moral degeneration. Not everyone can do this kind of love. She blesses only the best of people, only people with an inexhaustible soul, with a kind, sympathetic heart. Love is not just beautiful words. Love is a great work: daily, stubborn, sometimes even too heavy. Probably, because a loving person is capable of much: he can turn mountains, build magnificent buildings, perform a feat. He completely gives himself to this feeling. His views on life change.

In the literature, we will find many examples that prove this. In the novel “Fathers and Sons” by I. S. Turgenev,

the protagonist of the novel did not recognize love as a higher feeling. For him, love is an instinct, a reflex. Meeting with Odintsova violates his inner state, his mood. In the hero, there is a “rebellion” against himself. Unhappy love leads Bazarov to a serious mental crisis. The beliefs of nihilism come into conflict with his human essence. At this point, the hero no longer sees the goal, the sense of living.

Accidental infection with typhus led to the death of his body, but not of the soul, the soul in it had long since died, having failed to pass the test of love. In his novel IS Turgenev argues that human nature is designed to love, admire, feel, live a full life. Denying all this, a person condemns himself to death. And it was I. Turgenev in his poem in the prose “Sparrow” who says: “Love is stronger than death and the fear of death.” Only by it, only love keeps and moves life. “

The theme of love, real, sublime, ideal, not requiring an answer and reward, sounds in many works of AI Kuprin. It is love, according to the writer’s firm conviction, that makes

a person strong, resolute, courageous, noble. It helps to overcome any obstacles and adversities, helps to resist the injustice and cruelty that so often occur in life, resist the lack of spirituality of the surrounding world, the generally accepted philistine morality of society. Resist and win, even at the cost of one’s own life.

Particularly impressive and worried about the history of romantic love, described in the story “Garnet Bracelet”. As usual in Kuprin’s works, this love ends tragically-without finding understanding in the heart of a beloved woman-the proud and beautiful Princess Vera, who demands “to stop compulsive courtship as soon as possible”, Yoltkov finds the only possible solution for himself-he is losing his life. Leaving, this person says: “Hallowed be Thy Name.” These words sound like a hymn of love, a hymn to the greatness of the human soul, the anthem of life itself. The hero dies, but his feeling is alive. Until the last minute, Yoltkov remains strong, immensely loving and grateful for life. His love was “as strong as death.” She was even stronger than death.

Love can turn pain into joy; suffering is happiness; contempt – in compassion; darkness – into the light. And I want to believe that we will find what we are looking for, when we find it – we will try, we will meet that unique, real, true love that can conquer everything. Even death!

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Love is stronger than death