Writing unrequited love

After reading the story of the Russian classic Alexander Kuprin “Garnet Bracelet”, I once again became convinced that love is a phenomenon, an event, a state, a feeling, whatever you want to call it, which I will never, never, get my exact answer and explanations. None of the most famous, clever and titled scientist in the world can discover the secrets of this “extragalactic” word.

Yes, undoubtedly, the personage of one of the main characters in the story, or to be more precise, the role of the official of the Control Chamber, Georgy Zheltkov, is not new in literature and art in general. You can bring a lot of heroes of a similar type, who suffered and died from unrequited love. Frankly, after reading the work, I felt sad, even a little sad. But, having comprehended the depth of the story, I made important conclusions regarding the hero.

Many people say that Kuprin’s “Pomegranate Bracelet” is another literary masterpiece about

the power of love, albeit unrequited, hard, tedious, but, after all, love. For me it’s not quite true. No, of course, I do not in any way deny that the main component of the work is the theme of unrequited love. But for me, the basis of the story, after all, is a show of a strong, understanding, profound, honest, first of all, to himself the figures of the official Zheltkov. For many years he was in love with a single woman. For so many years he was possessed by a single idea. Zheltkov loved sincerely, but without meekness.

The main and only aspect of the hero’s life was love for Vera Nikolaevna, and nothing more. Frankly, I respect Zheltkov for his nobility and unobtrusive attitude towards Vera Nikolaevna. While he was alive, he did not make the heroine suffer for a second. From it, he asked for nothing, only to stay in the city, so that occasionally it can be seen, while not showing her eyes. And what praise worthy of the words of Zheltkov during communication with his brother and husband beloved. In them, as you know, the hero clearly says that neither moving to another place of residence nor prison

will make you stop loving Vera Nikolaevna and stop loving him. Only his own death will put an end to everything.

To my great regret, at the behest of the author, Zheltkov committed suicide. Only after his death, the heroine of the story, Vera Nikolaevna realized that the love that every woman dreams about, and about which her grandfather General Yakov Mikhailovich Anosov talked in such detail, passed by her. I do not support on the one hand, and on the other I do not condemn the act of Zheltkov. That was the idea and will of the author. On behalf of myself I can only thank the author for such a successful literary work that makes me think deeply.

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Writing unrequited love