Maternal love in literature

Mother’s love. In this feeling there is a huge power, light, care. It fills the world of a small man with joy and integrity. Maternal love is a conscious or unconscious self-giving, dedication, co-presence. A mother’s feeling is a pure, quiet light that sanctifies the world. The mother’s love is a giver of strength, a resurgent energy. In motherhood, the life of a woman acquires a different, genuine meaning.

Mother wants to protect, protect her child from all misfortunes and troubles. But any mother, sooner or later, has to let the children go into adulthood, when they themselves are responsible for every thought and every act. Petrushi’s letters to his parents speak of the deep moral foundations that the mother laid in him, including his mother: to honor his parents, to cherish his honor in his youth. In literature, there are many examples where the mother’s love seems blind, unconscious. Such a feeling either does not find a response from the child

(Mrs. Prostakova and Mitrofanushka in the comedy of D. Fonvizin “Nedorosl”), or leads to the fact that the child grows up lost, unprepared for life in this vast world (Ilya Oblomov’s mother in I. A. Goncharova).

Blind love for his son can hinder his spiritual insight. At first, Petrusya’s mother experienced a similar feeling in V. Korolenko’s story “Blind Musician”, trying to fence his son off living life, to create ideal artificial conditions for him. But she had the courage to let him go into the real world, so that through inner search, suffering to awaken spiritually, to see through the soul to serve the people. How much motherly love lies in lullabies! This is silence, and instruction, and harmony. M. Yu. Lermontov subtly reflected this in his poetry. Surprisingly, he spent his entire life as a gift to keep a lullaby that his mother sang in his early childhood. This was reflected in his poem “In the sky the midnight angel flew,” in “Cossack lullaby.” The last poem, many researchers call one of their programs in the poet’s work. In it,

the power of maternal love blesses, admonishes a small child, conveys to him the popular ideals as a revelation in the simplest and simple words.

Lermontov deeply felt the wisdom, the strength of the maternal feeling that guides the person from the first minutes of his life. It is no coincidence that the loss of a mother in her early childhood was so painful in the poet’s mind. The power of maternal love is manifested in devotion, faith, inseparable connection with your child. This especially arises at the turning points in the life of not only a single family, but also the country as a whole. No matter how it hurt the Countess of Rostov to let her younger son go to war, she accepts his decision and lets him go. Wisdom, fidelity to feeling helps this woman save the spiritual foundations of her dynasty and continue them in the families of Natasha and Nicholas.

Each of us many times heard that maternal love can work miracles, accomplish the impossible, transform the world. But most often the power of maternal love is a quiet service, an inner self-giving that requires nothing in return. By this feeling, to the end of his days, the heart of Tatyana Fedorovna Yesenina, who had experienced a long separation from her son, was filled. Waiting for his son after so many searches home, to the roots gave her the power to live. But the power of feelings of this modest woman was so deep that even losing her son, she continued to cherish the memory of him. No one thing from the house of S. Yesenin was lost or sold even in the most difficult years of the Great Patriotic War. The power of love for her son helped this woman survive terrible events, fulfill the mission entrusted to her with inner calmness and light.

The power of maternal love has a different embodiment: heroic steadfastness and inner, conscious courage. It can have a greater or lesser degree of expression. But the essence of this power is one: it is the energy of self-giving, co-creation, it is the energy of life that lies in the heart of the mother. The power of maternal love is pervasive, it protects both the child, and the family, and the entire human race, and the entire planet. So let’s say thank you to all mothers for their feeling, which, verily, from the Most High!

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Maternal love in literature