What is love?

In the composition there are references to the story of V. Talnikov.

Option 1

Love of life is such a human quality that gives a person the opportunity to fully enjoy his life, appreciate her, notice her beauty. A life-loving person infects others with his mood.

This is exactly what happened to the hero of the story of V. Talnikov, who was delighted with the complete love of life by the artist’s painting from the House of Culture. The boy even calls him a genius not for artistic talent, but for the ability to fall in love with others in the simple beauty of everyday life.

A similar story happened to me: for the first time in the cold winter I saw a picture of A. Savrasov “The Rooks Have Arrived.” I still remember the joy that swept over me: the blue sky on the canvas, the birch trees shining in the sun and the pack of rooks reminded that the winter would soon be over! The artist’s love for life, his mood was passed on to me.


is a wonderful quality. It helps to live interesting and joyful.

Option 2

What is love? I believe this is the ability to appreciate life in its simple manifestations, the ability not to pay attention to trouble, to be thankful for life for every new day. Lifelists are optimistic and cheerful.

In the text I read, the artist from the House of Culture is a cheerful person. He was able to revive the landscape in his painting and showed Vity that beauty lies in everyday life.

I am surrounded by many life-loving people, one of them is an employee of the school wardrobe Pavel Ivanovich. He always meets everyone with a smile, likes to joke and always finds how to cheer up if you are upset.

To love life and help others to see its colors is a special talent!

Option 3

I understand love for life as the ability to always find a reason for enjoying simple things. This is the quality of kind and cheerful people who value life and by their example help us see that it is really beautiful.

An unfamiliar artist in the story I read, of course, is notable for his love of life. He changed Vitino’s perception of the surrounding world, taught him to see the beautiful in everyday life.

Creativity of life-loving people always raises the mood and causes admiration. I think the composer Isaak Dunaevsky also had a talent for love. His music for the movie “The Children of Captain Grant” is full of optimism.

Enjoy life and inspire others – the ability to truly life-loving people!

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What is love?