Love for people

“Love, like music without words,

There are no loud words here,

So that people understand love,

Only a glance is enough. “

The theme of love is as old as the world. Love is between parents and children, a person and the world around him, between a man and a woman. Love is, perhaps, the most beautiful of all the feelings that are given to man. It can lift up to heaven and can be lowered to hell. Love is beautiful and painful, it is selfish and sacrificial, mutual and unrequited.

That love that can be written with a capital letter, meek, unsophisticated, trustful, truthful, selfless, pure. She tolerates everything, forgives everything, does not think evil, does not get tired. A man in love can be noticed with the naked eye, his eyes shine, he is especially kind and considerate even to others, he rushes on the wings of happiness. Unrequited love is painful, makes a person suffer, sometimes pushes on ill-considered actions.

I think I will not be mistaken if I say that the whole world is based on love. If there was no love, the whole world would have died long ago. Love is a great power. It is so boundless and multifaceted that it is impossible to take into account all its aspects. But I think that that love, which is music without words, is possible more between a man and a woman.

People, be kind to each other, be sacrificial, forgive each other, be honest, do not judge. Take care of this fire, take care not to go out so that the winds do not blow on it. For if it is extinguished, it will be difficult to revive such love on that ashes.

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Love for people