The Problem of Love

Love is a wonderful feeling that everyone must experience in life. Love gives a person happiness, freedom, harmony. The problem of love and relationships is relevant at all times, because lovers existed, exist and will exist until the end of centuries. The problem of love is well covered in the literature. Let’s recall Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin’s novel “Eugene Onegin”.

We see how badly people sometimes make mistakes in the choice of life guides and values. Eugene Onegi – the protagonist of the novel, at first did not notice and did not want to notice the love of a village girl and preferred to pass by his happiness. After a few years, when he returns to the village, falls in love and realizes that here she is, his true love, the girl is already getting married. The happiness of the heroes, unfortunately is no longer possible. Also, in the novel by Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov “Hero of Our Time” we see how lightly Pechorin treats love,

how boldly and quickly he changes his beloved. As a result, he does not find his own happiness, due to a frivolous attitude towards him. In the novel IA Goncharov and Oblomov, the theme of love also has a place.

Oblomov Ilya Ilyich – the main character, lived a boring, monotonous life and did not strive for happiness and self-improvement. But the appearance in his life of Olga Ilyinskaya radically changed his worldview and desires. Olga was so energetic and strong a woman that she tried to “wrest” Oblomov from this dull and gloomy life with all her might. But, unfortunately, the essence of Oblomov prevailed and he, not wanting to change his boring lifestyle to a better one, loses both love and true happiness. Love can change a person at the root.

This is confirmed by the novel “Fathers and Sons” by IS Turgenev, namely the relationship between Anna Odintsova and Yevgeny Bazarov. Eugene is a nihilist, he denies everything: the beauty of nature, and art, and love. But the meeting with Anna Odintsova forced him to change his worldview. The hero realized that his beliefs were wrong,

that love is the most beautiful feeling. But, unfortunately, when the awareness came to Eugene, he was already dying.

We see that even a severe nihilist the beauty and love of a beautiful woman can change and transform into a loving person. Love is a great, strong and powerful feeling. In the novel-epic of Leo Tolstoy “War and Peace” we find this proof. This great feeling can change a person, make him think differently, believe in a better future. Let us recall Prince Bolkonsky, who, after the death of his wife, wounded and numerous discussions about the meaning of life, decided that he would never be happy again, because he did not have time to apologize to his wife. It would seem, it is, this person will not be really happy, but no. Meeting with Natasha Rostova – a sincere, clean and peaceful girl, made Andrei Bolkonsky look at the world differently.

Love is a great power, has given Bolkonsky confidence in the future, a state of happiness. Love pushes a person to brave deeds, it changes our life, our worldview, our soul. A lot of different works make us think about the importance of love and human life.

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The Problem of Love