Composition on the power of love

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. It absorbs the person, forces to dissolve in the elect to the last drop.

A sense of love changes people beyond recognition. It seems to me that without him there can not exist our world. And on what exploits pushes love! How many brave knights in ancient centuries piled their heads for the love of beautiful ladies. How many of them died in battle, whispering before death the name of your beloved.

You can think endlessly about what love is and what its strength is. I believe that love is when you accept a person with all the shortcomings, his views on life and worldview. For the sake of this person, you are ready for anything, always close, supporting in difficult times, helping in difficult situations and forever staying true to it.

The power of love helps to live even in the most difficult situations, gives hope for the best and, at times, even raises from the deathbed. In life there are many examples of what

she is capable of. For example, a girl married a guy who does not have legs. Probably some people will say: “Why does she need him?” So he’s rich and she’s with him for the money! She’ll leave him! ” But in fact it’s just evil gossip. The girl just loves him and this love is so strong that together they can go through all the adversities and build a happy and strong family.

The power of love heals the soul, awakens a mutual feeling. But there is not only the power of love between people of the opposite sex, but also between mother and child. They say that this is the strongest love. After all, it is formed when the child is still in the womb. Between them there is a connection that does not break off ever. The mother is ready for anything for her child. It’s not for nothing that they say that the mother is the most native person who never betrays, is always ready to listen and help with advice and deed. What a pity that the power of this love is understood only with the years.

I also want to mention the power of love for life. This is a very interesting phenomenon.

There are many cases where a person, due to an accident or an accident, was injured, which riveted him to the bed. Often such people fall into depression and drop their hands. But those who really love life do everything to get back on their feet. Such people deserve admiration and become a real role model.

So, love is a real miracle. Thanks to it, humanity does not lose hope for a better future. And her power is capable of creating amazing things. So let’s open our heart more often and let in love.

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Composition on the power of love