Love and war composition

Love is the most beautiful feeling a person can experience. It changes people: makes them happier, makes you look at the world quite differently. Love is not just a beautiful word. For someone it’s a whole life.

In my opinion, this is an amazing feeling. It allows people to see things that they may not have noticed before. I think that love can be so strong that nothing can destroy it.

Even during the Great Patriotic War, when shells were being ripped around, there was a place for this great feeling. In the novel by Boris Lvovich Vasiliev “The lists did not appear” the protagonist of the work has experienced all the charms and difficulties of love. A nineteen-year-old lieutenant lived for a long time in the basement with Mirra and was very attached to her. Their love was the only ray of light in that difficult time. The girl was afraid to admit her feelings: “I’m afraid that you will say, it’s time to fall in love.” And are we to

blame for the time, are we to blame? ” Mental conversations protected them from the outside world. They did not notice any rats that squeaked in the corners, neither the basement, nor the war.

Pluzhnikov was a magician for Mirra, making her happy in the most difficult months of her life. When the lieutenant learned that his lover was waiting for the child, he felt a “mind-numbing” fear of loneliness. Mirra had to leave to survive and give birth to a healthy child, and Nikolai Pluzhnikov did not want to part. The pain he was hiding was worse than death. Even for the young couple, even the thought of parting was intolerable.

Their magical story ended after Mirra’s death. But Pluzhnikov’s love was still alive, because he did not see how the Germans killed the mother of his child.

Boris Lvovich Vasiliev in his novel showed all the power of love. It seems to me that this feeling has no barriers, and even during the war there must be a place of beauty. I’m sure that love can overcome any difficulties. This feeling makes people happy during the bloody battles. Love continues to exist, when even the thought of joy and well-being is afraid to arise.

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Love and war composition