The power of love

Love at all times has been the main driving force of mankind on its way to the harmony of life. Love is devoted to a huge number of works of art and literature. At first glance, the purely personal feeling sometimes influenced the course of history and decided the destinies of entire states.

Explored this inscrutable feeling of scientists and poets. She was entrusted to her fate by outstanding autocrats and great generals. During the existence of mankind, a variety of theoretical definitions of love have developed. Reflecting on this great feeling, I came to the conclusion that love most of all is inherent in the contradiction in the thoughts and actions of lovers. For example, a man falls in love with a woman who captivates him with beauty. Time passes and he is disappointed in his chosen one, because apart from beauty in this woman there is nothing remarkable. Likewise, a woman who fell in love with her knight for her intelligence and courage, may in time become disillusioned

with an extraordinary cavalier and does not want to feel stupid all her life against the background of her chosen one. Someone marries because of money, and then suffers because of the fact, that a man day and night is busy with business and thinks only of money, but not about his life partner. But the union on the basis of only sexual relations can threaten with intense torments of jealousy, because people in this case think of each other as an object of desire, and the same thoughts are attributed to others.

But what is love and what is its power?

I believe that a feeling like love, in the first place, should cause the desire to be with a certain person more than with any other people. At the same time, a loving person should not interfere in anything with the object of his love and give him the opportunity to feel himself a real person. A loved one should have a feeling of lightness and freedom, a desire to perform some noble and lofty deed. However, in order for this all to be present, there must be reciprocity. If feelings are one-sided, then they will not bring satisfaction. The literature of different

epochs is full of examples of one-sided sublime love, which in any case ennobles a person, however this is far from what lovers get in the case of love harmony.

It seems to me that love has both its positive and negative sides. The positive side can be attributed to the desire of lovers to bring joy to each other, to perform bold, noble, and sometimes reckless acts for the sake of a loved one, to devote poems and songs to loved ones.

As for the negative side of love, I would include here unrealizable and ill-considered promises, for example, to love each other forever, to live happily and die in one day. It seems to me that being a lover, you still need to think about today and tomorrow, and not about what will happen to us in fifty or more years. And the love between two people will last as long as each of them will contribute to this relationship. And it’s not so easy to accomplish this throughout life.

Sometimes a love-feeling can be used against the one from whom it comes. An example of this can be the many desires of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, which require the admirer of insane acts, proving their devotion. However, I’m not at all against romance in its good sense. After all, without romantic feelings, the soul is incapable of flying, like a magnet, attracts all the most beautiful things to itself. In doing so, we need to be grateful to those who evoke such feelings.

In conclusion, I want to say that as long as there is a person, the theme of love will remain open. However, this is such an old and unchanging feeling that even the bravest science fiction writers can not imagine what might change in this feeling in the next thousand years.

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The power of love