“The problem of maternal love” composition

Maternal love is a concept that is almost impossible to characterize with words. It is a feeling that is experienced deep inside. It makes a woman rejoice, looking at her child, experiencing because of any trifles as if something serious had happened. The essay on the theme “Mother’s love and everything connected with it” will describe some moments related to such love.

Mom is a man who carried his own child 9 months under the heart. She felt every movement and stirring within herself and felt one more life, and with it – joy and happiness. The unbearable pain at birth did not dull her feelings, but, on the contrary, strengthened her. She was helped by the desire to meet with the long-awaited baby as soon as possible. The first mother’s kiss, the first smile, the first teardrop – all this will remain her personal with the little one’s secret.

Nothing in the world can match my mother’s love. Mom is the only person who will

rejoice heartily from the successes and achievements of his child. She never wills for the bad and does not hurt the one who is dear to her. Only my mother’s love is able to calm, rejoice, heal, revive… Only my mother understands everything without words, only looking at the pretty little face of her son or daughter – in the eyes, which they all tell their mother. Mom feels everything from a distance. Her heart is constantly blazing with love, emotions and worries.

Disinterested feedback and readiness at any time of the day and night to help, throw everything and be close can only be with a loving mother. She is ready to do anything to make her children happy. Mom is next to any situation, be it an illness or a bad mood. She spends sleepless nights near the crib of the baby, covering it with a warm blanket. Delicate, tender hands, like magic, immediately soothe, give warmth and comfort. Mom’s arms embrace all problems, creating a warm and reliable shelter.

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“The problem of maternal love” composition