“Love for parents” composition

Love is a vast concept. This feeling can be experienced to the Motherland, parents, friends, to the opposite sex. But parental love is the strongest, unselfish, tender, tremulous, huge, infinite. Happy are those people who managed to experience this feeling.

Nobody in the whole world feels this way for children like Mom and Dad. No matter how old a person is, two years or forty years old, for a mother he remains always a child. Only parents will sincerely experience, believe, hope, pray for the well-being of their child. Even during illnesses, Mother will ask God to bear all the pain and hardships on her shoulders, just to make her baby feel better. During the Second World War the parents gave the last piece of bread to the child, and they themselves remained hungry.

Mom seeks to create all the conditions for the comfort of his baby. It is not for nothing that people say that the person is best in the parents’ home, the place where he grew up, grew up, went to school,

and most importantly, where his mother and father live. Regardless of age, a person always needs parents. Losing them, we lose part of our heart.

The child needs a full-fledged family: Mom and Dad, only in this case he will be really happy. No one will replace his parents, no grandmother, no grandfather, no aunt, no uncle.

Many children are ashamed of their parents: their appearance, their social status, their profession. But this is not true! They gave everything they had to make their child happy. No matter how much they do for their relatives, we will still be responsible to them. They gave us the most important thing – life. You should always remember this.

How many tears, sleepless nights, experiences experienced mom, until the child grew up. And when he becomes an adult, he has the audacity to be rude, to use obscene words and even to beat his own blood. Some, in order not to inspect old parents are given to a nursing home. Simply horrified when you hear such stories.

How many works, songs, legends are written all over the world by different writers, composers, poets in honor of moms. Our domestic creators, Sukhomlinsky, Pushkin, Gorky repeatedly the theme of motherhood in his work. Artists of all times portrayed their mothers on canvas. This should be a model for contemporaries.

We need to appreciate, respect and care for our parents. To help them in difficult times and not forget how we will treat them, so our children will treat us in the future.

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“Love for parents” composition