Only love is eternal

Love is the most beautiful of human feelings. In my opinion, this statement is so indisputable that hardly anyone would disagree with him. It seems to me that only in love and through love does man become a man. And without love, he is just a deprived creature, devoid of real life and unable to understand another person. I’m talking about true love – about the one that was sung by poetic geniuses of all times and peoples, capable of transforming a person, and sometimes changing beyond recognition. The one to which the biblical “Song of Songs” is dedicated.

A man has long been seeking an answer to the painful question: when did love arise? Are there manifestations of this high feeling in the wild? Or is it peculiar only to man? It is not difficult to guess that most people answer these questions purely humanly – that is, selfishly. In this case, do not remember the words of the brilliant Russian writer F. Dostoevsky that beauty will save the world.

But if they remember, they just quote a quote, torn from the context. Therefore, it is worth reading the “Notes from the Underground” to understand that the beauty that should save the world will save it not by itself, but through the heart and love. First, the heart must acquire the ability to see beauty, after which beauty will ignite in the heart love that saves the world. And is the world only a man?

But many philosophers and psychologists ignore F. Dostoevsky in this matter. They argue that even in antiquity there was no love. There was only Eros, a simple sexual attraction. And yet, already three and a half thousand years ago in ancient Egypt, the poets sang high spiritual feelings. Such is the love of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti, legends about which passed down from generation to generation; love the daughter of Pharaoh Ahura to his brother. Spirituality and individuality imbued the love of Rama and Sita in the Indian epic “Ramayana”.

Or remember the Greek legend of the singer Orpheus, who loved Eurydice so much that he even wanted to return it from Tartarus, and then was

torn by the Bacchantes for refusing to look at other women. Penelope, awaiting Odysseus, has a strong love; Pygmalion, whose love revives the statue of Galatea. Already in those days a man experienced such a loving longing that he could not live without a loved one. So, Laodamia wished to die with Protesylum, Phyllida hanged herself from anguish when her beloved, Athenian king Demophon, did not return from Troy in time. And Evadna rushed to her husband’s funeral pyre; and abandoned by Aeneas Dido loved so that from grief rushed to the sword; and the famous Hero rushed into the sea abyss, seeing the drowned Leonard…

There were innumerable examples of such examples. But it is enough to read the poetry of Ancient Greece to make sure that love was already perceived as the main joy in life.

Manifestations of a deep individual feeling imbued the poetry of the ancient singer of the love of Catullus, conveying the passionate torments of opposing emotions – happiness and grief, love and hate:

And I hate her and love her. This feeling is double!
Gods, why do I love! – And I hate why?
About the same says the poet and Propertius:
He who craves for the love of the end expects, is insane:
Real love has no boundaries.

The desire to “merge souls” – one of the deepest mysteries of love. Another philosopher Plato said that each lover is obsessed with “the desire to merge and fuse with the beloved in a single being.”

This mysterious desire sometimes gives rise to lovers of a strange state. Remember Konstantin Levin from Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina,” who once in the heat of quarrel almost said Kitty’s wrathful words: “But at the same instant he felt that he was beating himself… He realized that she was not only close to him, but that he now knows where she ends and begins it… She was himself. “

And classical world literature, and numerous examples from real life, in my opinion, are convincing proof of the existence of great love. A look through time shows that in a long history, mankind has experienced many troubles. Many beautiful and majestic ones were lost, but much was acquired. And all this is due to love – high human love…

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Only love is eternal