Always love makes a person happy

One of the highest feelings a person can experience is love. She is able to make a person happy, give him hope and strength to live on. And no, probably, in the world of a person who would not have been “winged” by love, would not have felt an upbeat mood. But does love always promise unlimited happiness to man?

This question was asked by philosophers, scientists and writers of all times and peoples. And each had his own, more or less similar with others, the answer. However, they agreed only in one thing: love can cause not only happiness, but also spiritual pain, suffering, tragic end. I also share this position.

Let’s turn to the novel of the famous German writer IV Goethe “The Suffering of a Young Werther”. In the work, a young man named Werther wrote letters to his friend Wilhelm. In addition to describing his daily worries and thoughts that come to his mind, Werther often mentions a certain girl, the daughter of the district chief, Lotte.

She becomes an object of love and adoration for Werther. Of course, it is impossible not to rejoice together with the hero of the born feeling, one can not help feeling emotionless with him and sleepless nights. However, one can not forget about the main problem raised by Goethe – the problem of unhappy, unrequited and tragic love.

The writer also finds the cause of this phenomenon. It was precisely formulated by the Russian literary critic Yu. Arkhipov: “Only it seems that the notorious torment of love is from non-separateness.” The torment is that the very bliss of love already reminds one of its own superiority about death, as if it is drawn into the bliss of death as a whirlpool. ” This “whirlpool” consumed and unfortunate Werther, who could not cope with the feelings that flooded him to Lotte. As a result, the protagonist commits suicide.

Another example of how love can bring destruction is the story of N. Karamzin “Poor Liza.” Karamzin describes the story of a girl – a peasant woman named Liza, who fell in love with a young well-to-do nobleman

Erast. What is the tragedy of the relations of the heroes? First of all, in the combination of the falsity of Erast’s feelings and the sincerity of Lisa’s feelings. Secondly, the young man deceived Lisa. When the lie was revealed, the girl could not cope with the “storm” of feelings in her heart. This transition from immeasurable happiness to horror and frustration was too harsh, fast. Yu. Arkhipov also wrote about the fact that death collects its harvest among the slaves of the extreme heat of feelings. Liza was that slave. The final of the work is her suicide.

As a conclusion, I would like to answer the question about the purpose of love by the saying of F. Nietzsche: “Bitterness is contained even in the often better love.” Love sometimes hurts deeper than we can imagine, can mentally mutilate a person. Our main task and, in my opinion, the task of writers, is to find a way to avoid this.

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Always love makes a person happy