First love essay

The first love is an essay. About love! How a chance encounter gave true love

Among people there is an opinion that the first love, the composition of which is presented to the attention of the reader, is not subject to time and distance. However, in reality, often, everything looks much more prosaic, when, disappointed in the first love, a person still finds his true half to spend with her all his life.

Love in human life occupies a dominant position. When you love, it is capable of courageous deeds and, even, heroic deeds. I want to hug the whole world and make happy all the suffering. Love inspires and raises to heaven. Sometimes a person is so blind in his love that he subconsciously makes reckless actions without thinking about the consequences.

The relationship between a man and a woman begins with a spark that has broken out between them. And then, how lucky it will be: who will love and who will be loved. Here, for example, one of the many love stories.


was the queen of beauty of all conceivable and unthinkable competitions and podiums. He fell in love with this gorgeous girl recklessly, not listening to the warnings of family and friends. Love knows no obstacles. so the endless travels to different cities and countries for their beloved were not even discussed. She allowed herself to love until she fell in love with another person. Our hero did not impose himself and let the girl go.

Suffering from unrequited love, he wandered along the railway bridge with confused thoughts, when suddenly he saw a girl in a wheelchair. She desperately tried to get out of the pothole on the road. Furiously signaling, cars flew past, and the wheel of the carriage seemed to be stuck tight. In a few jumps the guy was next to him and snatched up the carriage with the frightened girl right from under the wheels of a huge, cargo trailer. After a little breath and recovering, the young people met to never part.

Years passed, and their love became stronger. The very fate has connected two people forever, having presented present happiness and infinite love.

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First love essay