What is true love?

Tell me, did you ever care about the question: “What is true love”? What is this: feeling, action, emotion, or maybe an intelligent choice? Maybe this is youthful love? Or maybe a sexual attraction? Someone calls true love the “chemistry” of feelings, an inexplicable attraction, an unselfish self-sacrifice for the sake of another’s happiness; constant work on yourself and so on, and so on, and so on…

And yet, even in the years of marriage, all these definitions of love do not respond in any way in my heart. So I really wanted to understand, what is true love?

When writing the morning pages for several days in a row, the key topic for written reflections was “What is REAL love?”.

For those who do not know what the writing of the morning pages is, they are daily written practices that help to release emotions, unnecessary verbal “noise” in your thoughts, and answer yourself to unresolved problems. There are many techniques, one of them is to try to answer the exciting questions with the help of a pen and paper – write everything that comes to mind and thereby organize your thoughts and come to a decision.

So, what is true love? Before I share my thoughts on this (in the following articles), I offer you the quotes I found in books and on the Internet pages about true love.

Quotes about what true love is

From all that has been said above, we can conclude that true love is when we experience the joy of being loved and that we are good, when we are loved and we love. When and in unison, and individually feelings and reason are spoken. “I love this man.” True love is a mind that controls emotions, not emotions that control the mind. How to know the true love can only be learned from each other and this takes time.

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What is true love?