Love is a cosmic feeling

The most sublime of human feelings is sometimes heard: the call of love is the call of nature itself. Thus, it seems as if it is asserted that one should simply trust such a feeling. After all, by nature there is and can not be immoral love. This is a situation where it is not we who choose us. Such love does not pay attention to any external circumstances. She is absolutely free. This is the very statement of the freedom of love that A. Pushkin sang in his work and about which the famous Russian philosopher N. Berdyaev said: “Love is always cosmic, necessary for world harmony.”

But now I would like to build my reasoning in the reverse order: the call of nature is the call of love. I would like to talk not about the feeling that Mother Nature rewards us, but about the one that we answer to it.

In my opinion, it is this reciprocity that is reflected in the words of N. Berdyaev, and in the works of A. Pushkin: the cosmic feeling of love is an integral part of

the love of nature itself. And it is from this view that our conviction arises in the animation of nature, as F. Tyutchev says:

Not that you think, nature:
Not a mold, not a soulless face, –
It has a soul, it has freedom,
There is love in it, it has a language…

Unfortunately, such a cosmic feeling is not available to every person. And how can the highest of human feelings be accessible to those who do not believe in its existence, to whom the spiritualization of nature seems to be an extreme extreme, not inherent in common sense, but in mythological thinking. But he who has such a feeling, to whom it seems to be one of the most vivid sensations, he generously shares his cosmic feeling with us.

The famous thinker of the 20th century, P. Teilhard de Chardin, said that the forms of love are not limited to the man’s love for the woman, the parents for the children, the children for the parents, the man for friends and for his country, but argued that “comprehensive love is not only psychologically possible, it is the only complete and final way that we can love.

If we accept the thinker’s arguments, then we must admit that the cosmic feeling is a manifestation of that desire for unity, which is inherent in living and inanimate nature.

Agreeing with a famous thinker, we do not need to recognize the existence of a god or gods of nature. And is it really necessary for God to have a cosmic feeling or to turn this feeling into mutual love between people?

The fact that love – a great cosmic force, forcing different particles to seek their half in the world, was known even in antiquity. The philosopher Anaxagoras, for example, considered love and enmity by the two cosmic forces on which the universe is based. Plato spoke of love as a special world force, forcing every man to seek his soul mate for complete reunification.

In the existence of cosmic love, the Russian symbolist poet I. Annensky was convinced. He said that the new Russian poetry is very sensitive to this feeling.

The cosmic feeling of love is so subtle and difficult to express that not every poetry can convey it. But the great prophet Buddha did not even see in love any cosmic feature that could connect man with the world. This is also the case in our lives, where some give themselves up to the cosmic feeling of love, while others look intently at their feet and try to rely solely on facts in their words and deeds. Adhering to extremes, we can not find the harmony we seek. And the way to it, in my opinion, is between these extremes.

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Love is a cosmic feeling