Mom writing

Everyone knows that the most dear and beloved for us is only a mother. After all, she always gives her child only tenderness and attention. No one can think how much grief and joy can hold in the heart of the mother. When a child falls ill, Mom always feels it and even gets sick next to him. And when we grow up, she will always share all the hardships of life with her child.

Mom is next to us throughout life.

Even on her deathbed, she is more concerned not about herself, but about her child. Maternal love goes through any distance. Wherever we are, her pleas for our health protect us from life’s obstacles.

Mom is the person who teaches us to be gentle, faithful, lovingly in the heart to our neighbor.

The role of mother in the life of her daughter.

The daughter takes everything from her mother, even minor habits. For the daughter, the mother is an indisputable example in her childhood and even in her future life. She learns from her mother the

rules that will be useful in her adult life. Even becoming an adult, the girl tries in everything to be like her mother. We need to remember the words from the song, which says that my mother does not sleep enough nights because of her beloved child. It is unlikely that such a song would have appeared, if it had not been for the poet’s mother. Of course, not only his mother did not sleep on nights. Many mothers who wait for their child, also do not sleep at night, and sometimes cry bitterly.

Maternal love can forgive everything in the world.

Usually we take offense when a loved one goes away for a long time, and maybe forever. But not Mom. The mother house is the place where we can always come. Mother will forgive all bad deeds. Even when the law and people are not able to forgive. And this is the highest expression of love. Maternal love does not divide or betray.

Ask yourself, how often do you pay attention to your moms?

Only she is able to love us always. For her mother, her child is considered the most beautiful, which can be in the whole world. After all, she is able to see those features that are the best in the child. And we must never forget our mothers. They give us the best years of their lives. Therefore, we will be grateful that we are in this world.

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Mom writing