Writing wonderful school days

I remember my first school day – my first of September. This is one of the most expensive days of my life. Near the elegant and beautiful school plays music. Many colors. As if someone was escorted off to the festive train station. And among them – you. You go on a long journey, on a journey to a country called School.

During this trip we learned a lot of new things, discovered unsolved mysteries. In the morning we did not know why it was day and night, but now we can explain to anyone ourselves. We got acquainted with various plants, and we learned how to grow them ourselves. We learned what electricity is, and it became our friend. And most importantly: we realized what a great miracle is a book. Every year I look forward to the first of September. For me it is a holiday that I will remember for a lifetime.

School years are the most carefree and happiest years. Although some do not think so and want to leave school quickly, they want to be independent, adults.

And sometimes they forget that the adult world is a very difficult world. Each of us has our own problems, which seem very important to us. We believe that we are loaded, do not understand, are forced to learn, do not allow long walks. Therefore, we also dream of becoming independent. But we do not reflect on the fact that in adult life it is much harder. M. Matusovski noticed that with the graduation from school our childhood ends:

Like a Christmas tree holiday, fairy tales end, Like a tape in a movie, dreams come to an end. No longer hoping for someone’s clues, We ourselves must solve all the problems.

Some believe that all schools are the same. But this is not so. There are a lot of schools, but every school, like a person, has its own face, soul, heart. And the soul of the school depends on the main characters – pupils and teachers. Each of us remembers something about our own school. For some, there are discos and school evenings, for others – olympiads, contests, favorite lessons. But the most important thing is that we got real friends at school. They say that school friendship

is the strongest. Maybe because we spend a lot of time together, we know each other well. And, of course, at the evenings of school friends, we will always have something to remember about our school “cool” life.

School years pass very quickly. We do not have time to think about our past years. But still, at least sometimes, when you enter your school, you need to stop for a moment and think that a good day is waiting for us. Teachers will meet us, the whole purpose of life is to teach them what they know themselves. They develop our attention, memory, imagination. They help us find our way in life. And most importantly – by their deeds and their word they teach us the most important science – being human.

The teacher leads us through the years of childhood, adolescence, performs an everyday, sometimes unnoticed feat – gives us his knowledge, invests in his pupils a particle of his heart. Probably, each of us has a favorite teacher. More often it’s a class teacher. Some people have a subject teacher. Why do we love teachers? Most likely, for kindness and justice, for interesting lessons and a creative approach to his work. It is a great happiness to meet such a teacher who, with his kindness and love for the subject, fires sparks of creativity in his students.

Time does not stand still. Years pass, life becomes unrecognizable. Probably, a number of today’s professions will disappear, new ones will appear. But as long as there is humanity, a high rank will remain – a teacher who does not represent his life without pupils, without school. It is they, the real teachers, who are doing everything to make our school years really wonderful. Therefore, the words of Andrei Dementiev must always be remembered:

Do not you dare forget the teachers. Let life be worthy of their efforts. Teachers are famous for Russia. The disciples bring glory to her.

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Writing wonderful school days