Writing is easy to be young

When I think about it, I remember the words from different poems and songs. Some of them sound like this: “That’s when I become an adult, and I want to swim, I’ll get into the big bath myself, I’ll turn both cranes off.” In one famous song it is sung: “It would be at once an adult to become, relax from childhood.”. And there are a lot of such examples.

In fact, when we are at school age, we want to grow up quickly, become adults, We are confident that an independent life is better. As if there are fewer problems in it, and all the questions that we will have, we will easily solve. And here comes the entry into adulthood, and we understand how much mistakenly on this account. We again want to return to childhood, so that the problems are less complex and serious. This is a world in which we rely on the help of parents.

I think that every person becomes an adult at different ages. Everything depends on fate, on the circumstances.

Some young people already at the age of 16 are being attacked by completely non-children’s problems that have to be solved independently, without counting on parental help. And others in 35 years remain children – dependent, indecisive, insecure. For parents, in any case, we will always remain children, whether it be at 5, 15 or 45 years.

Of course, youth is the best time. This is a period of new discoveries, becoming in life, finding your family. We fall in love for the first time, we experience a real firework of emotions, impressions. Memories can not be forgotten. They will travel with us all their lives to a very old age. Some of them will warm their souls, please, excite, excite. Others will be associated with some sad moments, because in life everything is always not good and smooth.

In youth everything seems easier. For a long time we are sure that everything can be fixed. To ask friends for forgiveness, to unite the family. The main thing is not to be late to do it, so as not to miss the right moment irrevocably, for then we will regret this all our life. Among young people you can often

find sincere laughter, joy. All feelings are experienced for real, there is a whole gamut of emotions. It is the period of youth associated with the choice of the future profession. Much depends on this fateful decision in our later life.

The difficulty may be that no one has yet canceled the difference in views between generations. Parents do not always understand children. At least, it seems to us so hard. Surely when we become parents, we will look at similar situations differently, from a different angle. In the meantime, this can lead to conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings. We can reproach our parents for the fact that they are more mundane looking at many things, but in fact it is an experience that they try to share with us so that we do not make our mistakes and stupidities.

I think being young is both difficult and interesting. We do not have enough experience to solve this or that situation, but life is so interesting that it gives us surprises, leads us to the right thoughts and solutions.

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Writing is easy to be young