“Letter to Mom” ​​essay

Perhaps you will be surprised because I decided to write you a letter. But it is in him that I want to confess what I’ve done, express my feelings, and ask for forgiveness.

I know I caused you a lot of pain. During the conversation, I was cutting, stepping on old rakes, staying with girlfriends, making you nervous. Please forgive me! You are the only person close to me, I have no one nearer than you.

Of course, in fact the child should have a father, but I, he was never. He was not interested in me, did not support me in difficult moments, did not come, he did not call. All this time next to me was just you. You for me were like a “stone wall”, which can always protect. But someday, if you do not plaster in time, the stone wall may fall. And this makes me afraid, it’s terrible to be alone, without maternal warmth, love, without which no person can live.

Since childhood, raising me alone, Mom, you never said, did not let me know that it’s

hard for you. I always thought about what I did not need, often forgetting about myself. Everything that you had: love, knowledge, money, you invested in me. I know that it was very hard for you. You worked in 3 shifts so that I never felt worse than others, so that I would not be deprived. I was always under your warm, soft and cozy wings. Yes, it was hard for us at some points, but we resisted, did not let our lives break us, we overcame difficulties, as they say, “passed through fire and water.” I’m very grateful to you for what you did for me.

You made me believe in yourself, showed interest in learning. Thanks to you, I do not grow up to be a soulless being, thinking only of myself, no, I’m an adult person who cares about the destinies and lives of others. Thanks to you, Mom, I learned to appreciate the love that you give me. Your maternal love for me is so strong that I feel it. Through it, your condition is transmitted to me, and if it’s hard for you, I’m also at home

A lump of bitterness is called. As if between us there is an invisible connection, which can

not be broken severally. But, seeing how some families themselves tear it up, I feel sorry for not only children who are removed from their parents, but also by their parents because they lose that value, which they can not then redeem for any gold in the world. This value is love and respect for children. I’m very happy, Mom, that you do not like me. You never left me alone with problems, were interested in my affairs at school, and if I was sad, you always calmed down. As at that time. Remember, we went to the park. Rolled on a roller coaster, a swing, and then went to a cafe. And there you told me those words that I will remember all my life: “My sun, you are my best!”. The same thing I can say to you: “You are the best, beautiful,

I love you very much! When I was little, you always called me “the sun”. Then I did not understand the meaning of this word, but now I understood. You called me that because, for 16 years now, I’ve been covering you, for me you live and work, I’m your present and future. And now, looking at your picture, your snow-white toasty face, greenish-blue, like a chameleon’s eyes, scarlet lips, blond hair, I for some reason cry. Probably because I understand you and love you madly.

You have done a lot for me, and I am very grateful to you for this. You gave me life, brought up, wrapped up in my love. And I promise you, dear, that whatever happens in life, I will always protect you, go with you shoulder to shoulder. I will provide you with a decent old age. You will not need anything. But to live with dignity is not to have a lot of money, no, it’s not the main thing. The main thing I will always love you and respect you.

Stay the same. I really, really love you!

Your daughter, Alina.

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“Letter to Mom” ​​essay