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The Great Patriotic War is a huge spiritual wound in human hearts. This terrible tragedy began on the twenty-second day of June, one thousand nine hundred and forty-one, and ended only four years later, four heavy years – the ninth of May, one thousand nine hundred and forty-five. This was the greatest war in the history of mankind. A huge number of people died in this war.

It’s terrible to think that our peers-children of thirteen-fourteen years-took part in this tragedy. People gave their lives for the fate of their Motherland, for their comrades. Even cities that have withstood all the pressure of the Hitlerite army were given the title of heroes. The Soviet people suffered a lot in these four years. Remember the heroic deed of Leningrad – nine hundred days people in the city surrounded and did not give it! People stood cold, cold, hunger, enemy bombing, did not sleep, spent the night on the street. Remember Stalingrad…! Think of other cities! Before

these feats, we must, should bow our heads. Soon we will celebrate the fifty-fifth anniversary of victory, but think about the price at which this victory fell to us! At that time the USSR gave everything for the cause of victory.

People considered it sacred to give life for victory. How many millions of people died in this war. Mothers and wives had no time to mourn their relatives who fought in the trenches, they themselves took up arms and went to the enemy. The USSR was considered a liberating country. It not only drove the fascist army out of its borders, but liberated other countries under the yoke of fascism. Few have reached Berlin, but the glory of the dead, their names live in our hearts. In the Great Patriotic War, people showed what the Soviet people are capable of and what a great and powerful country of ours. And now, in our time, I hate those people who mock the events of the past. I believe that our generation has never been able to repeat the exploit of our ancestors.

Although if you think about it, it was not so long ago, and it’s scary that many already forget this. A pity… People! You must remember those who committed the same feat in the name of our Motherland! How many wounds hurted Sedykh and children’s heads?! We know about the war only from the stories of the fathers.

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Writing works